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chakra healing in Miami

Working with Crystals with Lori ($25) 

Monday, July 26 at 6:30 pm ET

Luna Bohemia Shop in Miami

An introductory class on working with crystal healing and magic. How to cleanse, charge and connect with crystals and their unique energies.

Class will be offered once a month with different crystals as the focus of discussion


Limit: 10 people per session.

Monthly Astrology Forecast & Mini-Readings with Joseph ($20)

Sat, June 26 at 6:30 pm ET
Sat, July 31 at 4:30pm ET

Luna Bohemia Shop in Miami

Learn about the current planetary transits impacting our lives and receive a personalized mini-reading based on your birth chart info you provide. This workshop is offered once per month. Joseph is the resident astrologer at Luna Bohemia and helps makes this wondrous and ancient spiritual science understandable and relatable. 


Limit: 10 people per session.

Witchcraft: A 9-Week Beginners Journey with Lori ($225)

Thursdays 6:30pm–8pm starting
August 5 through
 September 30

Curious about Witchcraft and don’t know where to start? Join us in August for a nine part series on Witchcraft for Beginners. In this class you will learn the basics from grounding and shielding to discovering and working with your guides; as well as how to raise energy for your magickal endeavors and developing your intuition. Each class will include a practical exercise that you will be able to incorporate into your home practice. As lessons build one off of the next, students must sign up and commit to attending all nine classes (makeups will be arranged due to unexpected absences). Must be 18 years old. 

Limit: 8 people per class.

tarot reading course in Miami

6-Week Introduction to Tarot Class with Ana ($230) 

Tuesdays at 6:30pm starting July 27 through September 7

Luna Bohemia Shop in Miami

Ana will guide you through a detailed study of the Rider-Waite (also known as the Rider-Waite Smith) tarot. Learn to read the cards and develop your intuitive knowledge while growing your spiritual awareness. This class welcomes all levels, even if you have no prior experience, or are relatively new to Tarot cards. Please bring or purchase a Rider-Waite deck and notebook for each session. 


Limit: 10 people per class.

Hekate Ritual Noumenia with Shaylee ($25)

Saturday, August 7 at 6:00pm ET

Luna Bohemia Shop in Miami

Noumenia is a New Moon Ritual which Hekatean Witches like myself honor Hekate, Queen of Witches, Goddess of the Crossroads. Before there will be a short explanation of what will happen and a chance to ask questions. You need not bring anything, all offerings and ritual needs will be supplied. You are welcome to bring any small items such as jewelry or decks that you wish to devote to Hekate (but this is not required). After the ritual, I will also be happy to answer any questions regarding Hekate and the ritual itself. Blessed Be and See you there.


Limit: 10 people per session.

sage bundles in Miami

More Luna Bohemia workshops and classes are coming soon! 


Our menu of classes and workshops that come and go… request your favorites!



Seasonal Workshops

This is an in depth exploration of mythology, symbology, astrology, and so much more. While this is geared for beginners, it has been enjoyed by experienced readers and is a great refresher course. We will be using your personal deck which offers a diverse class with exposure to a wide variety of decks. Our class covers the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana and Court Cards. It includes notes, lively discussion, and hands on practice doing readings in the group.


Currently Unavailable

Are you tired of being hard on yourself? Have you lost sight of what’s important to you? Can’t seem to focus on the positive anymore? Let’s get to the root of your anxiety and/or depression and develop better and wiser ways of looking at your past, present, and future. Take a moment to let go, and come relax in this deep meditation.

Are you an instructor? Give us a call to share your talents!


Community Sound Healing Rituals

Immerse yourself within an ocean of sound, dissolving into the frequencies of Crystal and Tibetan Sound Bowls, syncing our sacred heartbeats to the rhythm of the ancient drums, exploring the melodic landscapes of our own majestic voices through mantra chanting and intuitive vocalization, while aligning our brainwaves through electronic binaural beats designed to induce meditative and healing effects.

Are you an instructor? Give us a call to share your talents!


Runes & Norse Mythology Rituals

Join us on an Ancient journey into the Elder Futhark, a system of symbols known as Runes, used for not only writing, but also for divination purposes. These Runes were used by the ancient Germanic tribes of Europe, passed down to the Viking Norse and many others. Come and join us in Rituals celebrating Freya, Odin, Thor and more.


Herbalist classes with Stela

Learn to connect with Mother Gaia by making your own beauty products and learning how to use the fruits and herbs of nature to enhance your wellbeing! Stela Rudd guides these workshops biweekly at Luna Bohemia.


Intuitive Dance Classes • Currently Unavailable

Do you want to connect emotionally through music? Do you want to feel your inner drive? Do you want to transform your life and your inner being? If so, then these classes are for you!

Are you an instructor? Give us a call to share your talents!


Meeting every month!

Discover the healing power of sharing shamanic rituals with others in these empowering full-moon and new-moon circles.
Check our calendar for our next dates!


Seasonal Workshops

Come spread joy and gratitude for Pagan & Wiccan gods and goddesses, usually led by the Miami Pagan Meet Up Group.