What would a witch be without a wand? Just like the cauldron or the broom, the wand has been associated with witches for centuries. These symbols are not arbitrary; however, each item carries a particular meaning and serves a specific role. If you are a contemporary witch or are simply interested to learn more, stop by Miami’s spiritual store, Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop, and discover the powerful beauty of Wiccan wands.


Why Wiccan Wands Make Essential Tools 

The history of the wand dates back to ancient Egypt, where these instruments were first used in ceremonial and ritual magic. Despite appearances, the wand is not a source of power but a vessel for the power in the practitioner. Although wands will not give you power, they can direct your energy and make your transformations more effective. For instance, you can use your wand to inscribe the circle of ritual in which you are placing your spell. A wand is handy for tracing magical symbols in the air or on the ground, and when used properly, can invoke a particular god or goddess. 


Finding A Naturally-Sourced Wand

Wands are often associated with the realm of Air, due to their practice of being waved and suspended in space. Not surprisingly, wands are closely related to Trees, not only for their presence in the air but also for their physical and material resemblance. If you would prefer to source your wand from trees directly, be respectful. First, scour the ground for fallen branches or sticks which attract you as a wand would. Look for a long, straight stick under 12 inches or shorter than the length of your forearm. Traditionally, rustic wands come from oak, hazel, willow, or elder trees, but look elsewhere if these trees are not available. If the ground has nothing suitable, you may consider taking your wand from a section of a living tree, but only after giving the tree time to agree or disagree with your decision. If you feel peace about taking from the living tree, give it something in return, such as milk, honey, or herbs gratefully left at the tree’s trunk.  


Purchasing A Wand

Oftentimes, a naturally-sourced wand is difficult to come by. Perhaps you live in an urban area with little access to trees or prefer to leave the trees alone. Many spiritual stores have rustic wands for sale; you can achieve the same authenticity without needing to go on a hike! Store-bought wands are also available in materials besides wood, such as ornate pewter and carved glass. You can opt to make your own wand by purchasing a wooden dowel from a craft store and adorning it with gemstones, ribbon, and wood stain. By customizing your wand, you can incorporate a meaningful design that will better retain your energy. 


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