Whether you grew up in a religious family or not, it is always a good idea to learn more about other varying faiths than your own. It is an easy way to build connections with those around you and help make people comfortable talking about religion. For example, one of the more misconceptualized faiths, Wiccan, can be a hot topic for some people. But in all reality, this faith is very peaceful and harmless. Visit any Wiccan shop in Miami, and you will see why. Here at Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop, we have all the religious and spiritual supplies you may need to begin your journey into other religions. 


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Wiccan is more about cherishing and worshipping nature than it is any foul witchcraft that is causing plagues. Wiccan faith has been misunderstood for centuries, lending itself more to the all-natural and peaceful crowds. It was first introduced by Gerald Gardner in the 1950s and was much more secular, oathbound, and secret. However, splinter groups began to form after a few years, and Wiccan morphed as the years continued to carry on. Most Wiccans today practice some form of the original religion set forth by Gardner, usually following the same basic foundation. Still, almost every practising Wiccan will vary to some degree in their faith. Wiccan book stores in Miami will have multiple books on religion in general and about how to begin your own journey as well. You can search for “Wiccan shops near me” but it is always a good idea to not pick hastily, as this is a spiritual learning process for you. Let your intuition lead you to the right store, and do not just pick the first one you see. 


Wiccan Beliefs

Visit any Wiccan store in Miami, and you may get many different versions of how Wiccans practice and who they worship. Wiccan faith generally follows the polarity of the Divine, meaning they honour both male and female gods and goddesses. But these deities can vary, as some Wiccans will honour Isis and Osiris or Apollo and Athena. This Divine is also present in nature, and as such, nature should be honoured and valued. Wiccans are passionate about the environment and strive to protect everything from rocks to trees to ants to plants. This also means that Wiccans do not harm others, often referring to the phrase “harm none” as a constant reminder to do good in the world and protect each other. 


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The Wiccan faith also celebrates holidays that are based on the changing of the seasons and the moon cycles. In addition, there are days of power, also known as eight major Sabbats, that the Wiccan faith celebrates, along with monthly Esbats. An afterlife does exist in the Wiccan faith, and seances and communicating with past loved ones is typical in Wiccan belief. They will often try to communicate with the dead, knowing that the deceased are watching over them and may offer guidance. Finding Wiccan crystal shops in Miami can give you more information about connecting with loved ones that are gone. Many Wiccan shops in Miami also offer runes, Astrology and Tarot card readings to help you understand the spiritual world and your fate.


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