You probably know what witches are, but do you know what Wiccans are? Here at Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop, we tell you everything you need to know about Wiccans, including many myths that people hear about them. For those of you who do not know what a wiccan is, it is someone who allows their heart to guide them through life. Therefore, many people can become Wiccans if they want to. Wiccans focus on the light-hearted magic of the Old Religion so they date way back. We want you to know everything there is to know about Wiccans because we realize that people either don’t know who they are at all or learn a lot of misinformation about them. We believe that Wiccans are just as if not more important to know about than witches which is why we offer the information that we do. Stop searching for tarot card readings near me and learn all about Wiccans from us. We provide the best information on Wiccans in Miami! 


Wiccan Myths

You probably want to know more about Wiccans along with the myths surrounding them. One of the myths is that Wiccans are the same as witches. Wiccans and witches are similar because they are both practitioners. However, the main difference is that some witches are evil and focus on darker magic and spells whereas Wiccans only focus on love and all good magic. Of course, there are some kind witches out there who do not focus on evil, but the two are different because some witches are evil. Another myth is that Wiccans are not religious. In fact, Wiccans are part of a newly found religion even though it technically began before Christianity! It has been approved by the government and it is now considered more modern. Another myth is that a pentagram is the same thing as a pentacle. Similarly to the Wiccans versus witches misinformation. Pentagrams are a symbol for Wiccans which represent the four main elements in nature which are fire, water, air, and earth. Whereas a pentacle is a similar-looking star but inside a circle. Stop searching for tarot card readings near me when you can delve into the world of Wiccans. 


More Information About Wiccans

We understand that learning about different people and religions can be overwhelming. However, we also understand how important it is to be informed about these aspects of life. Here is some more general information about Wiccans: 

  • Pentacles do not symbolize satan 
  • Wiccan Rede is their only law which essentially means do not harm people
  • Wiccans do not participate in orgies contrary to what people think 
  • The Wicca way of life isn’t a cult 
  • There are no sacrifices for Wiccans 
  • Pagans are different than Wiccans 
  • A book of shadows does not mean dark magic 
  • There is no initiation or recruiting involved in the Wicca religion 
  • Wiccans see God similarly to how Native Americans did 
  • Wiccans do not worship Satan 
  • Wiccans believe in karma 


We Are Here To Inform You

There’s no need to search for tarot card readings near me when you can learn all about Wiccans. We are here to inform you all about them because we don’t want you to misperceive their ways of life like other people do. It’s important to us that there is more awareness of Wiccans overall. 


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