If you have a strong background in spirituality, you probably know a thing or two about the ancient spiritual ritual of burning sage, or “smudging.” Smudging has been practiced by Native American tribes, including the Lakota, Chumash, and Cahuilla, for hundreds of years. It provides a plethora of physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.


Once you read about just a few of the benefits offered by smudging, you’ll be wondering where to buy sage in Miami! For more information on the benefits of burning sage, visit our metaphysical store, Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop.


These Purifying Properties Will Have You Wondering Where to Buy Sage

White sage and white prairie sage contain antimicrobial properties, and white prairie sage also contains antibacterial properties! This means they’re very effective at reducing bacteria, viruses, and fungal particles in your home, purifying the air the smoke comes in contact with. 


In addition to repelling airborne particles, smudging has been shown to repel insects, including:


  • Flies


  • Mosquitoes


  • Ticks


  • Ants


While not backed by scientific evidence, sage is also thought to produce negative ions that neutralize the positive ions from things like pet dander, dust, and mold! Because of this, it can be very beneficial to those who suffer from respiratory problems like asthma and allergies.


Connect With Your Spiritual Side Using Sage from a Metaphysical Store

If you’re new to the spiritual realm, you may want to try using sage to connect deeper and enhance your intuition. Sage is often used to help achieve inner peace, healing, or self-improvement. 


While many people might think this is a “placebo effect” kind of thing, it’s actually backed by scientific evidence! Both salvia sage and white prairie sage contain something called “thujone,” which has mild psychoactive properties that can open your mind to spiritual healing.


Rid Your Home of Negative Energy by Smudging

Ridding a space of negative energy is one of sage’s most well-known benefits. Burning sage throughout your home can help you free yourself from traumatic or negative experiences, and can even offset the negative energy brought in by other people.


If you want to cleanse your home or space’s energy, a smudging ritual can be extremely beneficial. This is a great way to change your mindset and actively dedicate yourself to self-improvement. 


If you’re looking to clear the negative energy in your home, try purchasing white sage from a metaphysical store. This type of sage activates the receptors in your brain responsible for improving your mood and reducing stress. Similarly, classic garden sage can ease insomnia and protect you against any negative thoughts or anxieties that interfere with a good night’s sleep.


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After learning about the benefits of smudging, you’re probably wondering where to buy sage. If you’re in Miami or the nearby area, visit Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop today to learn about more benefits offered by sage or to purchase some sage for yourself!