The benefits of sage smudging have been known throughout history. Sage burning was an important aspect of the spiritual lives of Native Americans, Romans, and other ancient people. Here at Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop in Miami, we have a variety of smudge sticks to choose from. You may be asking yourself, “what kind of sage is right for me?” Making this decision is much more than just choosing a scent that smells great (though we can’t argue we love to fill our shop and home with the satisfying smell of sage). Each type of sage has its benefits, and we can help you choose the best sage for your needs. This post will focus on the Four Sacred Medicines of the Native Americans: White Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass, and Tobacco.

What Kind Of Sage Is Right For Me? – White And Blue Sage

The most popular sage on the market is White Sage and is considered a staple of any sage collection as it can be used to heal, cleanse, protect, and meditate. This plant is harvested by hand from the wilds of the American Southwest. When burned, it produces a smell similar to Eucalyptus, though some may find the smell to be a bit strong. If you are not sure which sage to choose, then starting with White Sage is a great option.

The Blue Sage is a close relative of the White Sage, and also grows in the American Southwest. This plant has a soft, pleasant smell like that of lavender. It is perfect for meditation, and for general use to keep an area smelling fresh. If the smell of White Sage is too strong for you, then the Blue Sage makes a great alternative.

Cedar Sage Invokes Ancient Protective Spirits

Cedar sage is considered an ancient smell, as the trees that it comes from have remained relatively unchanged since prehistoric times. Both the wood and the needles make for a beneficial smudge stick and give off a woodsy smell. The ancient spirits of these trees provide a sense of wisdom and protection. This product is commonly used for saging a house, clearing the property of any harmful spirits that may dwell inside.

Sweetgrass Spreads The Love Of The Earth Mother

Sweetgrass is a tall, fragrant grass that grows in the wild of the American Plains. It is considered sacred among the Plains tribes, where ancient lore says it is the hair of the Earth Mother, giving us access to her love and kindness. Sweetgrass smells of freshly cut hay with a hint of vanilla. It is commonly used for meditation as it provides a calming effect.


Tobacco Sage Has Been Used Throughout History

The popularity of burning tobacco leaf as a smudge has fallen dramatically in modern times, due to the well documented negative health consequences of the product. However, this plant must at least be mentioned as it is one of the Four Sacred Medicines of the Native American tribes. If you choose to use this smudge, please purchase only raw tobacco leaves to avoid the harmful chemicals of modern cigarette products.

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We hope the above information can get you started on the spiritual journey of understanding sage burning. If you need to purchase high-quality smudge sticks, or if you are still wondering “what kind of sage is right for me,” please contact our staff at Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop in Miami.