You may be wondering what is sardonyx stone? Did you know that the sardonyx stone, the birthstone for the month of August, also contains metaphysical properties? This stone is used to create a variety of jewelry including necklaces, bangles, pendants, rings, etc. Here at Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop in Miami, we carry a variety of high-quality products containing this beautiful stone. Read on to learn more about the sardonyx meaning and what the sardonyx healing properties are.

What Is Sardonyx Stone?

Sardonyx is a type of chalcedony quartz stone that contains alternating colored bands of the minerals carnelian and onyx. It is a fairly common stone, and not very expensive. The best quality of sardonyx comes from India.

Sardonyx Stone Meaning

Sardonyx is best known as the birthstone for the month of August, but the stone also has metaphysical properties. The sardonyx stone meaning has been known since ancient times and can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians and the Romans. The stone is even briefly mentioned in the Christian Bible (Revelations XXI), as one of the stones embedded into the foundation of New Jerusalem.

Sardonyx combines the courage and strength energies of the carnelian with the protection and grounding energies of onyx. Ancient soldiers wore this jewel into battle in order to maintain the will to keep fighting. The stone is not only known for physical strength but also to build emotional confidence. Your goals in life become clearer, and you gain the self-control and motivation to reach these goals. Students and workers with heavy mental workloads should consider carrying this stone.

The stone is also known for promoting healthy relationships. Partners who wear the stone can enjoy a more stable, happy marriage with improved communication and stronger commitments. This property makes the stone perfect as a wedding gift. You can also use this stone to make new friends or strengthen the bonds with existing friends.

After performing spiritual work, use this stone to create a grounding action, returning your energy to earth through the base and earth chakras. Place these stones around your home to form a grid of protection against evil spirits.

Sardonyx Healing Properties

The stone also promotes physical and mental wellness. They can be used as healing crystals because of their protective vibrations. It can heal bones and lungs, improve blood circulation, and strengthen the immune system. Place this rock under your pillow at night to sleep better, reduce irritability, and alleviate depression.

Additional health benefits can be gained depending on the color of the sardonyx. Red is known to stimulate, clear will purify, brown grounds energy, black absorbs negativity, and white gives you improved access to the spiritual realm.

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