What is innerDance? Anyone thinking of taking a spiritual journey will probably think it’s about ranting and jumping up and down, but that is not really it. InnerDance is technically not a “dance,” although some spontaneous movements can arise.

It is an energetic experience that gives you deep insights into yourself. The participant will be invited to lie down in a Savasana, which is a traditional yoga posture that’s usually scheduled at the end, and this is where the innerdancing begins.

There’s really nothing much you need to do, and the InnerDance energy is supposed to lead you uniquely by working your brain waves through sounds. The journey starts with a deep surrender being held in a container of the sacred.

At The Luna Bohemia Shop, we have an InnerDance session coming up soon. Please check the link to book for the following:


InnerDance – Sat, Sept 10 @ 5:00pm

Price: $35.00

Date/Time: Sat, September 10th @ 5:00pm


How Should You Feel?

Our Spiritual shop in Miami, Fl has playlists that will calm your nerves, allowing you to surrender to the process and let it unfold naturally.

Once you are fully relaxed, the facilitator will press some of the chakra points in your body. Only a few local metaphysical shops in Miami, like the Luna Bohemia Shop, have such skilled facilitators.

Once these chakra points are pressed, you begin to enter into an expanded state of consciousness where it feels like you are in a dream-like state.

Clients from our spiritual store in Miami have testified to experiencing self-healing, rebirth, spiritual awakening, and deep insights regarding themselves after the session.

Each individual will experience the workshop differently as the journey is highly personal. To get the most out of your experience, choose our reputable spiritual store in Miami with positive testimonials from satisfied clients.


Do You Wish To Understand What Is InnerDance?

Understanding is not enough. You need to experience it, and at the Luna Bohemian, we can help you achieve this level of inner peace. Please also note that we offer the following at our shop:

Please reach out to us immediately to book this particular spiritual experience of InnerDance. We would love to serve you today.  Contact us or visit our website to learn more.