We tend to ignore our horoscope signs. But understanding your sign helps you internalize the kind of person you are. If you are wondering if they are accurate, well, they are authentic! Check out Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop.

Are you a Virgo? They have a preference for grey, beige, and pale-yellow colors. They are mutable and tend to be compatible with Pisces and Cancer. Their lucky numbers range from 5, 14, 15, 23, and 32. Their favorite day is Wednesday, while their element is Earth and Mercury, their ruler. Their birthdays lie between August 23 to September 22. To get started, let’s get to know their traits.

Understanding your sign

Virgo Traits

Virgo’s strengths include loyalty, analytical thinking, a kind heart, productivity, and focus on the practicality of matters. No one lacks some weaknesses, and Virgos are not exceptional. They are shy, worry unnecessarily, critical about themselves and others, and play less and work more. What are their likes? They focus on the nutritional value of their consumption, probably have animal best friends, enrich themselves with knowledge from books, like nature, and embrace high standards of cleanliness.

At the same time, they dislike asking others for help, being the center of attention, and imprudence.

Being an Earth sign, Virgos develops strong characters blended with conservativeness, passion for organization, and focus on being practical in their everyday lives. Despite going chaotic every once in a while, their mind still acknowledges their unchanging goals and dreams. Just missing detail will make them rant the whole day.

Their critical nature is over the borders, and their mates can tell you all about it. They tend to leave no stone unturned, and those tiny bits of details keep them awake at night. Virgos are also tender and probably the most sensitive sign due to their attention to humanity.

They often wonder why people misunderstand them, and it’s not because they can’t speak up. Virgos deny their feelings even when they are authentic, correct, and applicable when opposed by others’ reasoning.

Whether in delivering speeches or writing, their well-rounded nature is undeniable. It is partly thanks to their ruling planet, Mercury. As a result, most of them pursue writing or journalism as their careers. However, their passion for helping others makes them a perfect fit for the role of caregivers.

You have probably heard of the story of Virgo, The Disappointed Goddess. She tried to seek goodness in humankind, only to face disappointment. Once they landed on Planet Earth, their mission became apparent; using their mere existence to discover justice and purity in others.

Virgos do not give up easily, but once they have tried too many times, they pull away from others and may opt for substance abuse. While at it, all they do is judge and critique as they fold their arms.


Virgo’s relationships

They tend to feel unworthy, unlovable, and not beautiful enough. For a union with other zodiac signs, their partners have to offer love to feel safe and finally open their soft hearts. They express themselves through emotional intimacy and rarely go for statements of love.

Unless they are casual lovers, Virgos prefer stable relationships instead of having fun or letting things play out. In the former case, they make no investments and let their charm and external communication win many.

To Virgos, the qualities of their ideal partners are depicted in their minds. Contrary to what we think, the symbolism of virginity has nothing to do with the sign of Virgo. They are unpredictable, and you shouldn’t fall for their self-imposed and moral boundaries as they quickly get bored sexually. Earning their trust is complicated since it only happens gradually. However, once Virgos feel you are deserving, they give you special treatment.


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