Even though the era today is that of science, practicality, and rationale, it is no secret that none of these has eclipsed the relevance of astrology. Horoscopes have existed since forever, and astrology is as old as time. From the most ancient of humans to millennials, a significant chunk of people religiously believe that some divine agency affects their daily affairs. Some look for a good luck charm, and others want to know about the potential of their one-sided love translating into a happy-ever-after. At the same time, some bored and curious pandas are just overly enthusiastic about their star signs. Nevertheless, most of us, in some capacity, pander to the world of spirituality, knowledge, and mystery.

Luna Bohemia is a metaphysical Miami shop that caters to people who look beyond the conventional. Our little spiritual center has in store good omens, lucky stones, workshops, and all the answers to your queer theurgy-related queries. We draw valuable knowledge from the power of the planets. As the Guru planet (Jupiter) and the Ruler of Titans (Saturn) are set in retro motion, we bring for you a blog explaining how these two are likely to affect your zodiac. So let’s get started.


Saturn’s effect on your zodiac

Retrogression has always held significance in astrology and is commonly associated with negative connotations. However, thankfully, you don’t need to bother much about the Saturn retrograde 2021 since it will be only slightly challenging. Saturn is the Lord of Karma and symbolism of adulthood and limitations. Therefore, there might be blockage surrounding your work, which will only encourage you to work harder. Clear your clouded head, know the perspective, figure things out, solidify the grounds, and things will eventually fall into place.

Saturn is the Father of Time and teaches you the importance of boundaries, integrity, discipline, perseverance, and a healthy balance. The taskmaster planet highly influences the zodiac, and while the retrogression might present adversities and obstacles, all you need is to slow down a bit but keep up with the zeal and zest. Problematic relationships, health problems, misunderstandings in friendships might occur, but setting up healthy boundaries will eventually help out. Overall, the effects of Saturn are pretty extreme, but if you play your cards right, your efforts will bear fruit, and you can have a productive time under the guidance of planet Saturn.


Jupiter’s effect on your zodiac

Jupiter plays a vital role in the auspicious events of your life. The teacher of all planets is significant of knowledge, goodwill, fame, philosophy, and wealth. The transit of Jupiter is considered important in astrology, and as this planet goes through retrogression, it will majorly impact all zodiacs. Optimism and growth will be the primary effects of the transit. The retrogressive transit on this planet of plenty will bestow tolerance and expansion in wealth and the global economy. Jupiter governs fortune, and with it in retrogression, we can say that the year will be great. Therefore, buckle up for a fantastic year ahead where prayers will be answered, disputes will resolve, wealth will increase, health will improve, and success will be granted in all areas of life.


The Luna Bohemia Shop

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