Have you spent hours deepening your understanding of the tarot and their groupings, only to discover that meaning from the spread keeps alluding you? At Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop, we work with tarot practitioners of all levels, so we know firsthand how frustrating it can be. 


As Miami’s number one destination for those searching for “spiritual shops near me,” we are dedicated to enhancing the spiritual wellbeing of all around us. We welcome all religions, including pagan, Wiccan, Buddhist, etc., and offer group classes for witchcraft and astrology, as well as private tarot, astrology, and rune reading for open-minded people. To help you strengthen your path, we have gathered some tips to help you get more out of your tarot readings. Read on to learn how to deepen your readings.  


In Tarot Readings, First Impressions Matter

It is common to feel overwhelmed when faced with a tangle of tarot cards. With so many interpretations available, how will you know which to choose? 


In these situations, the last thing a new practitioner wants to hear is, “Let your intuition be your guide.” But, well… let your intuition guide you! Acceptance and comfort with the unknown are the main qualities separating the novice from the experienced practitioner. Ultimately, tarot is full of magic and artistry. To experience both fully, surrender is required. 


With this in mind, try to look over the cards with a clear head. Do you find yourself gravitating towards a particular color or symbol? Your intuition could be nudging you towards something meaningful. Trust that your inner wisdom has something worth hearing. 


Fitting Together Pieces That Tell A Story 

Be on the lookout for pairs and patterns. Allow yourself time to let these emerge as you consider each card individually. As pairs appear, themes and connections become apparent, and the influence of the reading becomes stronger. 


After examining the cards individually, consider where they occur in the spread position. The position of the card will give you a new context to reconsider the meaning and theme. 


The goal is to understand the story of the cards. Sometimes attachment to one’s inner narrative can dilute the story the cards are trying to tell. If this happens, try looking at the cards as if they were telling someone else’s story. Focus on surrender and trust that the details you have collected along the way will guide you. 


Key Takeaways For Stronger Practice

As tarot practitioners’ prime destination for “spiritual shops near me,” we are here to remind you that tarot mastery is a journey, not a destination. We have included a few final tips to help make space for the magic and artistry of tarot.  


Tarot is multifaceted, and there are many interpretations available at any given time. You cannot get it “right” in that sense, but you can trust that whatever is essential at the moment will bubble to the surface. 


So go ahead and let go of the idea of being thorough. It is not necessary. It is impossible. 


And anyway, you are the reader. Allow your inner voice to speak its truth.  


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