Tarot decks are an essential tool for any tarot reader. They are used to help you read the future and also to help you understand what is going on in your life. However, it is essential to know how to cleanse your tarot decks.

When you have a new deck, it will be full of energy from other people who have used the cards in the past. It can cause problems when trying to read with them and give inaccurate readings because they are not yours anymore. It would help if you cleaned your tarot deck before using them for the first time or whenever they start giving inaccurate readings due to this reason.

Maybe you have been searching for “tarot card readings near me”. Do not worry. Luna Bohemia shop will guide you on how to cleanse a tarot deck.

We recommend cleaning every two weeks to ensure that everything is working correctly and that your cards have absorbed no negative energy over time.


5 Ways to Cleanse your Tarot Deck

1. Smoke From Burning Incense

Have you ever noticed that your tarot deck has a bad vibe? It might be time to buy a tarot card from the Luna Bohemia shop. However, consider cleansing your old cards first. It—is a simple way to bypass your cards through smoke from burning incense. After you’ve cleaned your deck, it’s essential to keep it in good condition by storing it properly.

The first step is burning some incense and passing each card through the smoke until it feels clean and clear again. We’re using copal resin incense in this case, perfect for cleansing a tarot deck because of its sweet aroma and ability to draw out negative energy from objects. Next, wrap each card in a soft cloth or silk bag and store them in an area free from dust and sunlight exposure.

2. Use of Crystals

You have been searching for the best tarot card near me. Luna Bohemian is here to advise you on Tarot deck reading and cleansing. Cleansing your tarot deck is essential for keeping it in good condition. You can clean your deck by putting a clear quartz crystal on top of it and leaving it there for 20 minutes. This will cleanse the negative energy built up in your deck and keep it in good shape.

Black tourmaline crystals are also effective at cleansing negative energy from objects, so if you have one laying around, try placing it on top of your tarot deck before you start reading with it!

3. Using Salt

You are advised to buy tarot cards from Luna Bohemia if you no longer receive precise readings. However, cleansing your tarot deck helps remove any negative energy attached to your cards. The best and easiest way is to place it on salt overnight. Salt is known to cleanse tarot decks, so it’s a great option if you’re looking for an easy way to get rid of any bad vibes or energy that might have attached itself to your cards.

4. Sunlight

The sun is an excellent cleanser of energies, and tarot decks are no exception. The sun’s power will help you clear any negativity in your tarot deck to start fresh.

To cleanse the deck of any negative energy, place it outside for at least half an hour. It will come back to you fresh and ready to be used!

5. Moonlight

If you’re a tarot card collector, chances are you have a few decks that you’ve been using for years. While this is a lovely thing, it can also mean that your cards harbor old energies—the negative vibes that make it harder to use them effectively.

And now it is time to search for tarot card readings near me. Luna Bohemia is here to guide you. To cleanse your deck, all you need is your tarot deck, a full moon (ideally on the night of the full moon), and some patience. The first step is to put your patio where it can be directly hit by full moonlight. This will help absorb any negative energies and cleanse your deck.