Have you recently searched “tarot card readings near me” in hopes of receiving a reading? Maybe you wanted to learn to read cards yourself? Luna Bohemia of Miami offers everything a spiiritualist could need, from classes and workshops to learn to read tarot cards. Reading tarot card decks can be challenging at first, but with practice, you will notice that the method practice depends on your intuition and understanding of the symbols of the tarot. The thing to remember is there is no right or wrong way to read tarot cards, and everyone who practices will develop their unique way of reading. If you need some guidance in building a relationship with your cards, you’ve come to the right place.

Choosing Your Tarot Card Decks

You’ll want to choose a deck that speaks to you, who’s story and artwork resonates within you. Symbols of the tarot are derived from stages of human consciousness. Meaning there are many options of decks to choose from. Each deck’s symbols are unique, and as a reader, it will be your responsibility to guide the story of each symbol. Familiarize yourself with the stories of your deck, and connect with them. 

State An Intention

Many people become interested in tarot readings when they are faced with difficulty and uncertainty in their lives. With the proper use of the cards, they can serve as a very therapeutic and guidance tool for those seeking clarity; like in yoga, stating an intention for your reading is essential. The cards are used as guides, so ask yourself, “what do I want this reading to teach me?”. Your intention for your readings can focus on the day ahead of you, your relationships, your connection to the earth, etc. 

At Luna Bohemia, we accept that tarot reading is not about predicting a future set in stone but instead exploring your state of being and unconscious self. They are a tool to help you understand your unconscious assumptions. For the spiritualists searching for “tarot card readings near me,” we invite you into our sanctuary for a deeper understanding of your inner self. 

Properly Shuffling Your Tarot Cards

The art of shuffling is a practice that connects your physical body with the deck. Shuffling the deck is about clarity and unnerving the mind. As you mix, you want to think about the parts of your life that need clarity. Understand the thoughts, feelings, emotions, colors, sounds, anything. These immediate thoughts are you unconscious speaking to you, and you want to remember these sensations throughout the reading. 

Completing A Reading

You want to practice ending your readings the same way every time, with a ritual. Be grateful to your cards; maybe light a candle to solidify the reading and clear your cards before storing it in a safe and familiar place.

We Invite You In!

If you’ve searched for “tarot card readings near me,” reside in or are just passing through the Miami area, we invite you to spiritualize with open like-minded individuals here at Luna Bohemia. We are a very spiritual store with something for every faith, including Pagan, Wiccan, Buddhist, etc.

We sell healing crystals, spiritual statues/figures, cauldrons, herbs, candles, incense, apothecary, accessories, and more. And we even have group classes for witchcraft and astrology.