Pumpkins are all the rage when fall approaches for various reasons. You might be familiar with jack-o’-lanterns, decorations, or pumpkin spice flavoring. However, pumpkins can be used for witchcraft and spirituality, as well as just a fun Halloween prop. Here at Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop, we tell you all about the different ways people in our shop use pumpkins to practice magic and spirituality. Believe it or not, our spiritual store has a lot of people who are experts when it comes to using pumpkins for more than just a fun fall decoration or flavor. You will be amazed at what pumpkins can do, and hopefully, the information we provide about pumpkins will inspire you to start practicing your own magic with them! Pumpkins are truly symbolic and beneficial in many ways. When this time of year rolls around, we are always excited to share our insight and experience with using pumpkins for magic. Stop searching for spiritual shops near me and come to ours because we are the best in Miami!


Tips From Our Spiritual Store About Pumpkins 

You’re probably wondering about all the ways you can use pumpkins for magic and spirituality, or just in general to make your fall that much better. There’s no need to search for spiritual shops near me when you can take our advice and benefit from pumpkins more than ever! First, take a trip to a pumpkin patch near you. Being in a pumpkin patch brings you a lot of happiness and really gets you into the fall spirit. Second, try growing your own pumpkins! It will be rewarding. Third, roast any leftover pumpkin seeds you have from jack-o’-lanterns and make them into a yummy snack. Fourth, bake some pumpkin bread and make your home smell like a witch’s heaven. Fifth, make a candle holder out of your pumpkin and give your home a witchy feeling. Sixth, make your own pumpkin soup for a yummy fall meal. Seventh, offer any pumpkins you have to the gods or ancestors. Eighth, paint a pumpkin instead of carving some and express your creativity. Ninth, dry out your pumpkin seeds and use them for spells all year long. Tenth, bake a classic pumpkin pie; there is nothing better for fall. Lastly, make jack-o’-lanterns for a spooky and fun Halloween decoration.


They Aren’t Just For Fall 

Even though we provide the advice we do regarding pumpkins when fall approaches, we encourage you to use pumpkins all year long. Pumpkins will provide a sense of joy and will always put you in the witchy and spiritual mentality, which is always fun!


We Have Experience 

One of the reasons we are so passionate about sharing information about pumpkins is because we have a lot of experience with them. We know how joyful and uplifting it can be to use pumpkins in any way you can, especially during the fall time. That’s why you should stop searching for spiritual shops near me and come to our shop for all of the fall spirit you can imagine.


Contact Us 

Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop is passionate about you enjoying fall and pumpkins at the same time! When you come to our spiritual store, you will get into the spirit, and you can learn all about how to practice your own magic. So call or visit us today in Miami for more information.