White Sage is known for a wide array of benefits; the sad news is that it is going extinct, which calls for the question; are there alternatives to sage? Yes, there are; your spiritual shop probably has cedar bundles, yerba santa bundles, sweetgrass, and juniper bundles, all ideal for your cleansing rituals.


What makes white sage an essential accessory in your spiritual shop?

First things first, what is the history behind white sage? And what is its spiritual significance? Thanks to its medicinal and culinary use, sage has a great history. The French used it for tea at some point, and when China had a taste, they were hooked. For that reason, they were willing to trade four pounds of their Chinese tea for only one pound of the French sage tea. At the same time, Ancient Rome considered the herb for its healing abilities, including stopping bleeding wounds, healing ulcers, and having a soothing effect for sore throats. China natives also considered sage as a healing herb for joint pain, kidney and liver problems, colds, and typhoid fever.

Similarly, white sage is a common smudging herb due to its association with purity and is even applicable for major cleansing of a room or space. Smoke cleansing or smudging has been a common practice for several indigenous communities. While the two are almost one and the same thing, smudging is an integral part of larger and ceremonial acts of purification. The ritual renews the particular space and blesses its inhabitants. It also resolves spiritual problems, cleanses the aura, and rids negative energy.


White sage alternative

While white sage bundles have been known for shifting the energy in our space or house, other cleansing herbs can achieve the same result and include:

  • Cedar bundles

The herb is considered to be Native American, and is sacred and used to cleanse our bodies or spaces. It clears negative and stagnant energy. Besides the cedar tree being known for protection, purification, healing, and fostering wealth, its essence is rich and heavenly and will undoubtedly lift your spirits.

  • Yerba santa bundles

The Spanish and Native Americans consider the herb divine. With a pleasant and uplifting scent, it has been utilized since back in the day for purification, protection, spiritual strength, psychic abilities, healing, and even exploring the inner you. That’s not even all; the ‘holy herbs’ have been used for love, beauty, empowerment, and letting go of emotional pain. To purify spaces or people, burn the leaves to clear negative or destructive energy. It also nurtures and protects anything ancient, or that which is wild or sacred within you.

  • Juniper bundles

When burnt, this bundle produces a sweet and spicy fragrance, similar to a ‘Christmas tree’ and blueberries. It is known for various benefits like attracting positive influence, wealth, good luck, and even new beginnings. This herb also safeguards against evil spells. To start your cleansing ritual, light the end with no stems.

  • Sweetgrass

The spiritual applications of sweetgrass go way back. The Native indigenous people highly regarded sweetgrass as a sacred medicine. It is also part of Shamanic healing today. When burnt, it evokes a unique vanilla-like scent, brings positive energy, and attracts good spirits. It purifies people, objects and rids negative energy. It is also ideal as a protective amulet.


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