The full moon happens at least once a month and this is the time when the sun’s rays are illuminating the moon’s surface. The moon doesn’t have any light of its own and when it is shining its fullest and brightest, the spiritual shop says that you can receive some vitality and light from the fact that the sun’s rays are bouncing off the lunar surface.

Spiritual Workshops: How to Channel the Moon’s Magic


Spiritual classes will tell you that meditations are powerful and they help you tap into the lunar energy and you will also be able to harness the energetic power of the full moon. You can also do a full moon meditation before you can do any rituals.

Here’s how you can accomplish this;

  • By sitting comfortably where the moon’s light is visible.
  • By closing your eyes and feeling all of the moon’s beams as they fill your body.
  • By focusing your breath and intention on the moon
  • By imagining the moon will purify your body as it envelops it.


Spiritual classes are powerful and will help with the full moon being potent enough to let go of what you are no longer serving. Write down a list of what you wish to release from your life and read it out loud to have a release.

Holding a Common Moon Circle

Looking for a moon circle near me will help you harness the full power and energy of the full moon and help you celebrate it with friends and other like-minded people. At the full-moon circle, you should have your intentions set and also listen carefully to all friend’s desires so you can all decide collectively on a release.

A Manifestation Ritual

Having a simple manifestation ritual is a great spiritual workshop exercise. It will solidify your full moon intentions to bring things to fruition.

What you do is start by creating an altar or a sacred space in the comfort of your home and then start the ritual. Also gather some inspirational objects like notes, photos, crystals, and other things that contain some energy.

Then, close your eyes and clear your mind so you can visualize yourself attracting what you want.

A Moon Bath

Spiritual classes encourage moon baths as they can rejuvenate your psyches. When you connect with the lunar energy, you can submerge yourself in the water, then draw a healing bath around the time of the full moon.

You can say that the full moon would intend to relax your tub and then help restore every cell in your body.