Like many Americans right now, we are setting New Year’s resolutions and starting down the path towards a “new you”. While wanting to become a better person, no matter what resolutions you pick, if you don’t set the right tone or have the right intentions behind those resolutions, the “new you” may quickly fizzle out. Nearly 80% of resolutions end up failing, and most of them are stopped by mid-February. If you are truly wanting to improve your accountability, even through the use of spiritual crystals, read on to find out more. Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop in Miami can help guide you through your spiritual journey. Our metaphysical supply store has a wide variety of different crystals for many intentions. 


Accountability From You

Setting the right intentions starts with you, of course! You want to be humble in most cases, but keeping your pride throughout the year may help keep you accountable for your actions. Similar to having an accountability partner, you’re not just setting resolutions for yourself and then being susceptible to your own inner thoughts on putting off your resolutions, or even thoughts of failure or guilt if you skip one day. 


It’s the same as working from home versus working in your workplace; if you have your supervisor(s) walking around throughout the day, you may feel more accountability in your work and stay on task. While working from home, you may catch yourself checking your phone more often or taking an hour of time for yourself. For some people, this drive may not be dependent on having an accountability partner, but it’s worth figuring out if you may want one in your journey. 


Change is scary. Most of may not realize it, but we usually shy around change, despite it happening all around us, everyday. You have a built-in coping mechanism to resist change and growth, but with your determination and perseverance, you can push through and make progress. 


And what may appear as jealousy or downright objection from your friends when you tell them of your goals, it’s most likely this coping mechanism showing forth in them as well. Don’t take it personally by any means, and realize instead that everybody fights change in their own way, but you don’t have to! Seeking guidance from a metaphysical supply store instead of your friends may make the spiritual part of your resolutions easier in the long run. 


Spiritual Crystals for Accountability

If you feel like you have set your resolutions and are ready to set forth on your spiritual journey, there are many varying crystals that can help aid in your spiritual passage. Depending on what exactly you want to accomplish this year, there are different colors of crystals which can provide you with the accountability and connection you need. 


First of all, if you have shared your intentions with family or friends and was hit by that wall of apprehension from them, grabbing a trusty black healing crystal will help. Black colored gems such as obsidian or black kyanite can banish that onslaught of negativity from yourself. If you’re fully into a transformation or bigger spiritual progress, turn to purple gemstones such as charoite and amethyst. Purple crystals are the most energetically spiritual of all, helping to bring you closer to full enlightenment and finding your true purpose.


Yellow healing crystals promote optimism and boost your willpower, helping you stay on track and avoid any discouragement heading your way. They also aid in you finding and expressing your true self, so if you have any self discovery or self image resolutions that you’re working with, this will be an ideal crystal to have with you. Seek out yellow jasper or citrine for your self journey. 


And lastly, orange gemstones support major changes in your life, along with accentuating your personal power and boosting confidence. Although more used for creativity, it’s from this boost of high energy within the crystals that can guide and inspire you to reach your full potential. Look for sunstone or orange calcite in support of your daily routine and spiritual growth. 


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