Singing bowls also known as chakra bowls are great tools for meditation. Chakra sound bowls produce calming sound waves that help to heal stagnant energies in your body.

In simple terms, the sound helps to unblock and balance the chakra.

Many different singing bowls help realign your chakra. For chakra alignment knowing the different bowls is important as you’ll be able to select one that balances with your chakra needs.

Lower tone bowls work best for lower chakras while higher tones work best with higher chakras.

Singing bowls in Miami Luna Bohemia will always be tuned to specific tones meaning getting bowls for each chakra needed is very possible.

This however doesn’t mean that chakras cannot be healed if you lack the toned chakra bowls. Work with what you have, with concentration, and your chakras will surely heal.

Manipuri and Remuna bowls tend to produce higher pitches whereas large singing bowls like Jambati produce lower pitches.

Remember to have this in mind as you will be purchasing singing bowls in Miami.

6 Singing Bowls That Exist Today

1. Jambati

This chakra bowl has curved walls with inwards facing lips and plays 2nd to 3rd octave. They have visible hammer marks. They are also really large and heavy and can be quite costly.

2. Thadobati

This singing bowl is among the most popular chakra sound bowls that exist. The Thadobati has a flat bottom, high walls with straight sides, and very plain lips. They can sing up to the 5th octave.

3. Manipuri

This is a shallow sing chakra bowl that is easy to play. They are usually small and have splayed rims.

As mentioned earlier they are perfect for higher chakra needs as they produce higher tones. Manipuri has a wide range of octaves of 2 to 5.

This is made possible as these chakra sound bowls come in different sizes and shapes.

4. Uttabati

These singing bowls are easy to play and are similar to Jambati but they differ slightly as this one is characterized by an in-curve under the rim.

The Uttabati are not common singing bowls and when you find the perfect one it might be very expensive. They have a bright interior with a dark exterior.

5. Remona

Remona is among the easiest chakra sound bowls to play. Remember like the Manipuri they have a high tone hence consider it useful when healing higher chakras.

They are known for their complex artwork and they are always filled with inscriptions.

6. Crystal Singing Chakra Bowls

This is a modern chakra bowl, the only one among the rest that is not an antique bowl and it’s very common. It became very popular in the 1980s and 90s.

This bowl can be frosted, clear or it could come with a handled bowl. They have a wide range of sizes hence their octave ranges from 3 to 5.

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