Smudging is the act of burning herbal material or spiritual, practical, or ceremonial purposes. Humans have been smudging herbs for hundreds of years. Native Americans and other groups of people discovered that aromatic smoke can be produced by burning dried plants. Smudging is a sacred practice that is very important in Native American tradition. Shamans engaged in smudging to cure negativity, while encouraging others to share wisdom and healing. Aromatic plants have been used in the daily lives of multiple civilizations throughout the world for centuries. Herbs and roots are said to be in a physical root until they are burned and the spirit is then changed into the element of fire in the spiritual world. People have had deep connections with plants and spiritual rituals since the beginning of time. Luna Bohemia offers a new, beautiful, and exciting inventory, classes, workshops on smudging herbs and spirituality at their metaphysical store in Miami! Luna Bohemia carries products for spiritualists of every belief and every practice. One of our primary philosophies at Luna Bohemia is the importance of keeping an open mind. At Luna Bohemia, you are able to ground yourself and enhance your meditation session with healing. You can have the opportunity to cleanse the room’s energy with smudging herbs. At Luna Bohemia, the spiritual possibilities are endless. 


All about Smudging


Smudging is typically done in a smudging bowl as herbs are burned by using coal or charcoal tablets. With charcoal tablets, you must fill up the bowl with sand or a layered flat stone in order to avoid adding too much heat to the container. The herbs are then tied up into smudge stick bundles and the smoke is washed over the individual with a feather. Smudging can help you get rid of your bad energy and help to benefit your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Smudging can help dispel negativity in your life and free you of any past trauma that you are still dealing with. The practice of smudging can reinforce the positive energy in your life and help encourage positive growth in your life. Smudging ceremonies are spiritual acts that can allow a person to create or borrow their own mantra. You must have positive intentions when engaging in smudging prayers in order to cleanse and restore properly. 


Smudging Herbs




Sage is the most commonly used smudging herb. Sage is the most popular ceremonial plant because it is said to have the ability to change the energy in a room. Sage is often used when someone is upset so that they uplift themselves and enter a more positive space in life. 

Sweet Grass


Sweetgrass is a very important and sacred plant in Native American tradition. Sweets grass has a sweet and light small when it is burned. 




Myrrh is a leafless shrub that was used by the ancient Egyptians to heal and embalm their bodies.  Today Myrrh is burned to help promote meditation, spirituality, wellness, confidence, motivation, transformation, and stability.