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Over the years, the Tibetan singing bowl has been used to promote healing, relaxation, and overall wellness. Here is everything you need to know about using a vibration bowl:


What Is A Sound Bowl?

A sound bowl also referred to as a singing bell, Tibetan singing bowl, meditation bell, vibration bowl, Himalayan bowl, or a standing bell, is an important part of the spiritual practice of meditation or healing.

Every vibration bowl is unique since it has a different sound from any other bowl. This is determined by the thickness or thinness of the material and its size. The technique and energy used in striking the standing bell are also a great determining factor in the sound it makes.


How Does A Meditation Bell Work?

A meditation bell often used during meditation is used to align your frequency and stay in tune with the frequency of the outcome you desire. The singing bell requires you to be in tune with yourself and the energy around you, ready to align your frequency to that of the bowl.

The singing bell produces sounds at different frequencies that resonate with various frequencies in the brain to produce the desired outcome, such as calm, relaxation, or healing.


Different Brain Frequencies

The brain frequencies can either be slow or fast depending on their activity:



In an alpha state, your brain is relaxed, just as you are in a light meditation, and your body is relaxed as well, in no pain. You are, however, closed off to the physical surroundings.



The beta frequencies are strongest when you are awake and alert. In this state, you are more aware of your physical environment, which can cause anxiety.



Theta waves are strongest when you are in a meditative state or daydreaming. They are therefore great for inducing creativity and sharpening perception. When meditating, your mind goes into the theta frequency, making it the perfect time to use a meditation bell.

Using a meditation bell at this stage can cause positive outcomes because the subconscious is very alert and receptive to frequencies.



These waves are slow and indicate a state of relaxation, restoration, and sleep.



These are the fastest and rarest frequency of brain waves. In the Gamma state, perception and awareness are heightened, something only experienced monks can achieve.


How To Use A Himalayan Bowl

To use a himalayan bowl, you must first, ensure that you are in a relaxed state of mind. Place the bowl on your palm or flat surface, with nothing touching its sides, then strike it with the mallet, and at the same pressure keep the mallet around the bowl’s edges until you achieve your desired frequency.


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