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We have a unique arrangement of Metaphysical and Spiritual items. We take pride in being a place where you can source everything for your spiritual growth and development. We handpick our items with love and gratitude. Take the time to walk around our shop and you will find unique treasures within your budget.

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We have an assortment of scented, colored, organic, soy and beeswax candles and for varying functions. The aromatherapy and color of candles set the mood and tone of a space. The light has to not only be within the individual but without. Light over darkness.


We have a collection of high-quality scents that will bring you peace, love, prosperity, or simply a smile on your face. With a wide variety of Asian and Indian imports you'll be sure to find a favorite at our store.


Pendulums are made of different materials, Including crystals, wood, glass, and metals.
They are often used as tools for divination spiritual healing and inner growth. Allow a pendulum to choose you. If you like the way it looks or feels, it is meant for you.


Tarot cards are one of many forms of divination. They are commonly used to measure potential outcomes and evaluate influences surrounding a person, event, or both. Find your favorite deck at our shop or choose the one that calls you, the one that will be a tool of guidance for you and others in your path.


Soaps, bath salts, oils, lotions and more. Nature provides all the necessary elements for the healing and the restoration of mind, body, and spirit. Our products are of the earth, and the trees, and the sea, and contain no synthetic or harmful ingredients.


We have findings of gemstones in bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Check out our Celtic
symbols and sacred geometry in Italian silver and a variety of accessories to enhance your inner and outer beauty. Hand made Malas and chakra jewelry are our specialty.


We have a variety of these important accessories. Find them in cast iron, copper, soapstone and even buffalo horn. This is a must have accessory for spell casting or an important accessory in your kitchen to prepare ingredients or substances by crushing and grinding.



Find your favorite runes set in a variety of gemstones, crystals, bone, and wood. Rune
stones are used as tools of divination - a way to predict one's future. Rune Stones come sets of 24 ancient alphabetic symbols. They usually come with a book of instructions defining the symbols.


Salt lamps are essentially large pieces of pure Himalayan Salt with a small bulb inside. They can be solid pieces of salt or decorative baskets filled with large crystals of salt. You don’t know what you’re missing if you’ve never owned a Himalayan salt lamp. It’s like having an open window – a softly glowing natural source of fresh, clean air – on your desk, in your living room, next to the bed, or anywhere you choose to put it.



Crystals are used for healing, meditation, energy work, storing information, protection, grounding, and channeling. They vibrate to different frequencies depending on the crystal, its size and use. People are guided to a specific crystal, determined by the matrix of the person at a given time, and that of the crystal chosen. You touch it, and know it is yours - you are attuned to that crystal at that point in time. Crystals can be placed anywhere, held, or worn as jewelry. They know what they have to do.


Smudging is an essential practice of cleansing and balancing, it is a ritual inherited from Native Americans and it should be done with respect and care. You can find a variety of sacred herbs and smudge sticks for your ceremony or for clearing your home and/or business from unwanted energies.


If you love Boho style and Indian wear, we have what you are looking for. We also carry Funky Yoga clothing, a yoga inspired t-shirt line and bottoms, plus authentic Indian pants in beautifully colored patterns.


From statues of deities, skulls, fairies and angels to beautifully crafted wooden and metal boxes. Divination boards, evil-eye accessories, crystal pyramids and of course, Gift Certificates. The only way to fully experience our collection is to pass by the shop!

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