Burning sage bundles has been practiced since almost the dawn of man itself. It comes with many benefits for both you and the space you are hoping to purify, and is a great way to keep your space free of many different unsavory characters, whether human or not. Luna Bohemia, a metaphysical supply store in Miami, has bundles of sage for sale, as well as healing crystals, cauldrons, other herbs and incense, and many other spiritual accessories for any faith. 


Origins of Burning Sage

Also known as smudging, burning sage has been an ancient spiritual ritual. Although not practiced by all groups, burning sage has been a well established Native American cultural or tribal practice. Many other cultures around the world use and share similar rituals, oftentimes burning other herbs; Catholics will burn Frankincense and Buddhists will burn many different incense sticks throughout their rituals. The most widely used purpose for burning sage is for purifying purposes, which is typically viewed as a metaphysical or spiritual purpose, such as cleansing any spiritual impurities, but there’s more to sage than that. Most types of sage contain antimicrobial properties, keeping infectious bacteria, fungi and viruses at bay as well, and can even repel some insects. Most metaphysical supply stores will carry white sage or white prairie sage, as these are the most common types and can be used by multiple religions and practices. 


Benefits of Sage Bundles

There are many metaphysical as well as physical benefits to burning sage, and it has long been used to connect to the spiritual realm or to enhance intuition. Healers and laypeople use sage to achieve a healing state, or to reflect upon and solve spiritual dilemmas. Smudging may also be used as a ritual tool to cleanse or purify negativity, whether it’s in a space or in a person, including yourself. This ritual can include cleansing of past traumas, bad experiences, or negative energies from others around you. Burning sage in relation to meditation or other spiritual rituals can also aid in establishing a more positive environment for your self-improvement, and even improve your mood as well. A 2014 study was conducted on white prairie sage, documenting it’s positive effects as a traditional remedy for treating depression, anxiety, and mood disorders within certain cultures. Burning sage may also help soothe your stress, as a 2016 research project through the University of Mississippi established that white sage is rich in compounds which can activate certain mood elevating receptors in the brain. 


More Health Benefits

Although at this stage it is scientifically unproven, there is thought that burning sage releases negative ions, which is said to help neutralize positive ions. Common positive ions include allergens like pet dander, dust, mold, and even pollution, so smudging may have some more beneficial aspects to it for asthma, bronchitis, and allergy sufferers, among other respiratory conditions. Just be sure to wait until the majority of the sage smoke has cleared from a room before entering, as the smoke during smudging can aggravate some respiratory conditions. Burning sage is also sometimes used to safeguard against any negativity that can interfere with your sleep, and ease insomnia. There are many spiritual and physical sides to smudging that can vastly improve your living situation, your health, and your overall outlook on life. If you are interested in smudging, remember to treat it with respect and dignity no matter the reason you are burning sage.


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