The benefits of burning sage are far and wide, both physically and spiritually. It’s been done for years and years as a means to purify the air around you, allowing in all the good and expelling the bad. If you are increasing your spiritual repertoire and want to try burning sage bundles in Miami, you’re in luck. Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop has the spiritual tools you need to purify your home in a myriad of ways. We have candles, incense, herbs, figurines, and of course, sage to help you on your spiritual journey. 


History of Sage

Sage has been used in Egyptian, Roman, and Greek medicine and Native American healing traditions. Dried sage leaves have also been used as a spice, but most people today think of it as a cleansing tool, both for purifying the air and for your body. The most common species of sage include Spanish sage, Chinese sage, white sage and common sage. Burning sage has been used for so long for its environmental and physical benefits, removing bacteria from the air, repelling insects, improving your mood, and pain relief. 


Sage In Miami

Burning sage has so many great benefits, and you will want to burn it as often as possible! Although there isn’t much scientific research done on the benefits of burning sage or even taking sage supplements, it’s clear that people are reaping the rewards. There was a 2005 study conducted about how common sage oil helped improve cognition and memory, and with increased dosages came improvements in mood, alertness, and calmness. Also known as smudging, burning sage involves setting the sage leaves on fire, waiting a few seconds, then blowing out the flames and letting the smoke waft through the air. The smoke will purify the air as it has antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria and viruses. It will help clear away any negative energy from you internally and improve your focus and energy. Keep in mind that if you or anyone else in the home has asthma or other breathing conditions, it’s best to open as many windows as you can while burning it to avoid any irritation. It is always recommended to have at least one window open so the smoke has a chance to escape anyway. 


Sage For Sale In Miami

If you’re ready to dive into smudging, you can go about it a couple of different ways. You can grow your own sage, trim the sage, gather it into a bundle, and hang it out in a dry place. But this will take time, and if you’re ready to start burning sage quickly, your best bet is to find a sage shop in Miami that already sells pre-made bundles that are ready. You’ll want to make sure the shop is reputable and therefore, you don’t want to simply Google search for “sage shops near me” and select the first one you see. Purchasing the sage bundles from a spiritual store or directly from a shaman or traditional healer is your best bet. 


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Ready to get your sage bundles in Miami and start smudging? Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop has ready to go sage bundles, as well as other spiritual tools to help you along in your nonphysical path to better health. We also offer Tarot cards, runes and other readings, and workshops on other faiths such as Buddhism and Wiccan. Visit us today!