Smudging Herbs

Smudging and sage healing is not something that should be taken lightly. This vital ritual should only be undertaken with love and compassion. It creates a safe space for you to air out energy which has been blocked for too long. Our smudging will send those negative spirits out the door and bring you much-needed clarity so you can pursue your path with greater vigor than ever before. You don’t have to ask “where can I find sage near me?” You’ve already found it. See what options are on offer at Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop in Miami to start a new chapter in your life today.

Where To Find Sage Near Me and Smudging Treatment

Sage is an herb that cleanses and purifies. It dispels negative energy and relieves you of some of the weight of past traumas, opening you up to newness and change. This will allow you to transition into the next stage of your life, bringing you closer to what you want and need.

Here at Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop, you can receive a smudging treatment that clears out any toxicity and negativity built up around you over time. Come with a mind that opens and receives, and be at peace.


Get back in touch with the spiritual world, and let the smoke of healing herbs wash over you. This process can only be done correctly with a respectful and compassionate hand. When we smudge, we are not only physically bringing you into contact with the smoke from the herb, but we are also joining our spirits in a cosmic dance. The spirit needs this kind of contact regularly to move through life with efficacy and love.

Blessing a person involves looking into their eyes and then pouring the smoke over them from the smudging stick in specific patterns. This process covers the whole body. Smudging must also be done in the Seven Directions to call upon, among other things, the energy of the sun, one’s relatives, the principle of connection, and the gift of healing. Smudging must always be done in a space where the negative energy can escape and fresh air can come in.

Other Herbs

You can request smudging with the smoke from other herbs, as well.

  • Cedar – wise protectors of old, the smoke from cedar trees can protect you from uninvited energy
  • Sweetgrass – get back in touch with the feminine Earth, who gives us all we will ever need
  • Lavender – burning lavender invites the spirits and protects against evil
  • Copal – please the gods and show gratitude for their kindness in watching over you
  • Myrrh – gain relief from the weight of history and reconnect with the clarity and purity of youth

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One need not be in a time of crisis to benefit from the healing effects of smudging. Improve your condition or maintain positive energy with help from the spirits. Don’t search “sage near me”; you already have a dedicated and sympathetic healer ready and waiting. Contact Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop in Miami to wake up to a brighter, clearer day.

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