If you’re searching for a tool that will help you gain access to your untapped potentials, pendulums for sale are just the right tool that fits the description. Luna Bohemia, a metaphysical center in Miami, Florida, can help you on this journey. Other metaphysical items are available, including crystals for sale.

A pendulum has to be any form of rope, chain, or string held down by a dense object, which should be the pendant in your necklace. Just pass the rope, chain, or string through the dense object and let it dangle. A pendulum will guide you to clarity by providing you with answers to all your questions. Purchase the best pendulum in Luna Bohemia metaphysical store. 


Getting the Right Pendulum that’s For Sale

It’s not all about just purchasing any pendulums for sale you find out there; it’s all about getting one that activates your inner being. One must be able to connect with a pendulum to ensure that a productive result is achievable. It is why the pendulum needs to be tested during purchase. 

In most cases, some pendulums tend to tingle when you’re in proximity to it. Pendulums and crystals for sale are best purchased at metaphysical stores than online platforms. Before buying a pendulum, try to watch their movements to see which one calls you. 


How to use a Pendulum

Using a pendulum is quite simple; use one of your hands to hold up the pendulum and then place the other at the pendulum’s bottom. Speak to the pendulum to reveal your “Yes” and “No” to you. Not everyone knows what their yes and no stands for. 

However, the pendulum can also help with that. Your “Yes” is known to have an up and down movement, sometimes it even moves in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. Ask for your “Yes” first then your “No” afterward. Your “No” will follow a different path from your “Yes.” 

Ensure that your pendulum is sanctified with prayer and sage. It’s also applicable to put the pendulum in sea salt as another means of sanctification. The pendulum should be restricted to the sole user for better efficiency and clarification. 


Questions to Ask When Using a Pendulum

Prepare your questions beforehand, go straight to the point, and be sure to wait till the pendulum is still before advancing to the next question. If the answer the pendulum gives you isn’t clear enough, it might be best you skip to the next question. 


Tips to Connect to Your Pendulum

Keep your mind in a meditative state, don’t hold on to anything, breath, and let your mind be calm. Pen down your questions and answers given to you by the pendulum for easy remembrance. The pendulum should be cleared with sea salt or sage subsequently. Your pendulum should be for your use only. Please do not share it!


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