One tool that is able to be utilized to access your Higher Self for guidance and clarity are pendulums. Pendulums help us discover the answers to any questions towards the universe that we may be wondering about. You can use a pendulum to check on which foods are good for you, to find an answer to a yes or no question, to see if your chakras are balanced, and to scan a room for energetic imbalances. Our spiritual specialists at our Miami metaphysical store have even seen shoppers pull out a pendulum at the store and  use their pendulum to help them make their choices on which crystals and articles of healing and faith would be best for them. In fact, there is research that shows that Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, and General George S. Patton used pendulums to help them make decisions. If you’re looking for pendulums for sale, call Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop today!


What To Know When Looking For Pendulums For Sale


When you’re purchasing a pendulum from our metaphysical/new age store, there are certain things to keep in mind. When you are purchasing your own pendulum, you can test and see which pendulum you connect with. It may move automatically when you come near it, or you might even hear it call to you. It’s generally best to choose your personal pendulum in a metaphysical store rather than online. You are able to test the pendulum by watching the movement as you use it in person to see which one is yearning to go home with you. Our spiritual specialists suggest that you hold the pendulum in one hand and place the other hand underneath the pendulum. You can ask the pendulum: please show me my “yes.” Then ask, please show me my “no.” If you are unsure about what your “yes” or “no” looks like, then you can ask the pendulum to show you. A “yes” can swing back and forth, up and down, or even clockwise and counterclockwise. Take note after your request to be shown your “yes,” and then ask to be shown your “no.” It should move in another direction, as it is rare for a “yes” or “no” to change direction.


Pendulums As A Form Of Prayer


After you purchase the pendulum, cleanse it with sage, a prayer, or by simply putting it in sea salt without water. After you connect with your pendulum, then don’t let anybody else use your pendulum unless you are giving it to them, as the pendulum will work best for one person at a time. It’s good to work with an intentional prayer before using your pendulum. One example of a prayer you can use to connect with  your guidance (Higher Self) is: I request that all information, guidance, and answers come from my divine source. I clear myself of all outside influences and trust the answers are being channeled through my Higher Self.


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