We live now in a Great Pause, and we are all invited to take a deeper look within. Perhaps you’re thinking of deepening your spiritual practice, maybe adding a dash of magic to your morning mundane? Don’t start looking for a metaphysical store by randomly Googling Pagan stores near me. Start here at Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop located in Miami. 


Don’t Trust Your Spirit To Random “Pagan Stores Near Me”

We’re a spiritual store, and we provide metaphysical products and ancient wisdom from many spiritual traditions. But Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop is more than a purveyor of mystical and spiritual goods; we’re also a practicing community. Read on to discover a few ways you can bring your spiritual practice into your kitchen. 


Decor That Does Double Duty

  • Bring A Broom 

Folklore tells us that a besom, or witch’s broom, left upright by the front door protects those who dwell within. Protect your loved ones by tucking a besom into a corner of the kitchen. And remember, when it falls, company’s coming! 


  • Make Space For Your Mother

Paganism is Earth-centered. Perhaps the best way to honor nature and all that she has provided is to make space for her in our homes. You can do this by keeping a small herb garden in a kitchen window and keeping fresh herbs and vegetables on hand. Not only are vegetables and herbs the healthiest nutrients for our bodies, but they also provide beautifully rustic decor. 


  • Show Gratitude Through Ritual

Many Pagan faiths incorporate food offerings into ritualistic practices. These offerings show our gratitude for all the bounty in our lives. Keeping offering bowls, candles, chalices and other ritual items on hand serve as reminders to offer up gratitude to the deities and spirits that surround us. These items also act as beautiful displays, adding decor and injecting your spirit into your living space.  


Practical Magic To Bring Purpose To Your Day

  • Brew Magic Into Your Morning Beverage 

Herbs have long been valued for their medicinal and magical properties. Incorporate some magic into your day first thing in the morning by brewing up herbal tea. Pay attention to the herbs and spices you use so that you can give yourself whatever support you might need for any challenges or opportunities you’re facing today. 


  • Tarot For Hearth And Home

Tarot spells offer a beautifully simple way to do magic in the home, and we at Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop love placing tarot cards around the home so we may bask in their subtle energy and serve as gentle reminders to make positive choices. For example, the Queen of Pentacles placed lovingly on the refrigerator door reminds us that we can show our love for others through the love and care that goes into the food that we prepare for them. This is just one of the many ways that we can incorporate the tarot deck to support and guide us through our days. 


For a deeper understanding of the power of tarot, be sure to check in with Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop. Our metaphysical shop is currently offering several classes that will help deepen your tarot journey. 


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Located in Miami, Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop is your gateway to the spiritual world. Spirituality is a personal journey that is unique and sacred. You do not want to trust your journey to the Googled results of “Pagan store near me.” Ours is a full-service metaphysical store that offers group workshops and private readings. We are open-minded, believing in drawing wisdom from many sources. Come shine your light. We can’t wait to see it glow!