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Pagan Meaning Explained


The truth is that Paganism is not a uniform “religion”; instead, it is a spiritual movement. The word pagan has changed tremendously over time. It comes from the Latin word paganus, which people used to describe people living in rural areas or villages. Eventually, early Christians repurposed the word, using the word pagan instead to describe non-Christians who practiced polytheism or the worship of multiple gods. In the world we live in today, there has been significant effort put forth to transform Paganism into the multi-faceted spiritual movement that we know it to be. 




To experience anything fully, there is always a degree of preparation beforehand. As a pagan, this means first choosing which path you will walk. Remember, pagan is an umbrella term, meaning it comprises several practices. It is up to you to explore them and find the one you most identify with. Some of the most well-known pagan paths are Wicca, Neo-Druidry, and Eco-Paganism. Once you locate your path, you can begin to research and implement the rituals and traditions necessary to preserve those core beliefs. 


Secondly, you should create an altar. This is a great way to establish a direct communication line with the Gods. It also serves as a daily reminder to come into their presence. Where it is set up, whether indoors or outside, does not matter as much as having a sacred place. Once you do, you will be able to give offerings, meditate, and perform your rituals routinely. 


Pagan = Environmentalist


It is no secret that pagans revere nature as the most sacred. It is also probably the best place to fully connect with the Gods. The natural world is one of the purest resources we have left on Earth, and we must connect with it. 


Also, as we travel this journey, we must document our experiences. Some ideas of what to record are rituals and meditations that are effective or messages that you have received from the Gods. It will be something you can reference over and over again, becoming dearer to your walk as a pagan. If you need help on this journey, you no longer have to search for ‘spiritual shops near me.’ We are here to help.


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The pagan meaning will take on different definitions as it is interpreted by different people. But you can stop searching ‘spiritual shops near me’ and begin your journey today by contacting our experienced facilitators at Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop in Miami.