Rune reading or rune casting refers to a tool of divination that uses stones containing symbols for answering questions of your past, present, and future. The rune stones could assist you in answering questions about your past, present, and future. Elder Futhark runes were also called Old Futhark or Germanic Futhark and are the oldest runic alphabets’ form. It was a system of writing used by Germanic people and the dialects of Northwest Germanic people in the Migration Period. Inscriptions for this writing system have been found in artifacts from the second century to the tenth century. If you want to read runes, begin with getting yourself rune stones, choose a comfortable and sunny setting, and finally read and interpret runes and their readings. The description below demonstrates how you can go about Norse runes reading in Miami.


How to Perform Norse Runes Reading in Miami

  • Purchase a set of rune stones online or at a local shop

They are usually sold in 24 to 33 stones of similar size and shape. They may be made from wood or stones with symbols imprinted on them. They also come with a bag made of cloth you can use during reading and store the stones once you are done with them.

  • Look for a quiet and sunny spot facing the north.

After you acquire the stones, look for a private and quiet place in your home. A spot that gets much light can make a cheerful and bright spot for reading of elder futhark runes. After you set the spot, face the north because it will place you in the direction of the Gods of Norse mythology. This will strengthen your reading power.

  • Put a clean, white cloth on the floor or the table.

This will act as a spot or sheet to put the rune stones during the elder futhark runes reading. Always use a cloth big enough to hold many rune stones and ensure that the cloth lies flat on the floor and table.

  • Perform the Reading-Concentrate on an issue or question

Write the question down on a piece of paper, place it in your front and think about it for some time. To be more effective, loudly say the question as you close your eyes, focusing on the issue you have questions about. After spending one or two minutes focusing on your question, transfer this energy to the stones.

  • Put the rune stones in a small pouch-mix them.

After placing all the stones in a pouch, mix them up by shaking while focusing on the question.

  • Select three rune stones

After you feel compelled to pick a stone from the bag, pick them out one by one while flipping them over. Put the first stone on the right, the second in the middle, and the third on the left-hand side.

  • Examine the Elder Futhark Runes’ order

Examine the first rune you put on the right, which represents your current question or situation. The second rune in the middle represents an issue or challenge that you need to address. On the left-hand side, the third rune represents an action or decision you can make to address the challenge. To better understand the runes and their meaning, you can check online for a list of rune symbols and check the guide containing the instructional booklet with the set of rules for Norse rune casting in Miami.

You can practice elder futhark at home or visit Norse rune divination in Miami. If you are a first-timer, you may choose to practice at home to gain experience. Always ensure that you follow the steps in the right way to experience the best results. Norse runes reading in Miami can provide you with the necessary experience to help others.