If you’ve wished for some magic lately, we have a place you could start; candle magic. Besides, no magic kit is complete without these colored items, and in case you are wondering, yes, they are pre-spelled to intensify and release energy.

And guess what? Whether unlit or lit, they still make a difference. The former is apt for some positive vibes when placed around your pad, while the latter applies in rituals and spells. Just one thing, watch out not to burn down your apartment. If you are looking for a metaphysical supply, you probably contemplate the color of candles you need for your manifestations. Not to worry, we will outline the candle colors and their applications.


Candle Colors For Your Metaphysical Supply

Aren’t you a little curious? Why candles? They involve fire, which symbolizes transformation. I mean, we can relate fires to a whole building turning to ashes, and the good part; getting your meals ready and delicious, whether you like it dry, moist or in between. It’s safe to say; it can be very destructive and creative. That same energy is what you are trying to harness from candle magic.

You do not have to be a witch to enjoy some magic; it’s with us, every day, from the yellow sun’s rays to the red lipstick you prefer wearing to your first dates.


The colors of candles for spells include:

  • Black

The black color has always been associated with dark magic, but that’s not entirely true. It’s ideal for protection, uncrossing, and warding off any negative energy sent your way.

  • White

We love this candle color, because it can fill in for all the other counterparts. For instance, if you want a seduction effect, that would be red’s job, right? But with some red glitters on the white candle, wallah! You have the same effects. Generally, white candles cleanse and purify, ridding old energy to usher in fresh or, say, new beginnings. They promote serenity and peace and increase personal strength.

  • Green

Green is connected with earthly possessions. That’s why it is somehow involved, whether it’s the Earth or growth. So, it’s the color of money, and when you wish for some your way, consider a green candle and nail polish, who knows? It brings your ideas to real life and boosts prosperity. So, are we doing green? Why not?

  • Yellow

Ever felt you needed some sunlight in your life? Maybe not, but generally, yellow is the color that fights gloominess and depression. It is related to joy and abundance. It is also known for evoking new career opportunities.

  • Orange

It is helpful for those who want to go the extra mile with their creativity. You could say it expands your horizons.

  • Blue

It promotes peace and protection and attaches you to your chakras and any wounds you need to heal from.

  • Red

It is ideal for love and seduction magic. Are you going on the first date? Wear red! Do you plan on renewing your love life? Red would do too! Do you like red roses on Valentine’s day or coming to a similar sight on your bed? We know you do. Therefore, for love, sex, or passion, red it is.

  • Pink

The color also has some love effects, just that it’s softer in a way, ideal for self-care. It is perfect for nurturing relationships so that both of you are not only a match in the bedroom. You can both incorporate empathy and better understanding.

  • Purple

You can bet on purple for intentions candles that allow you to tap on creativity and spiritual insight.

  • Brown

It is associated with various things relating to our resources like health, energy, insurance, and courage.


Get your metaphysical supply

Magic lives with us and, to some point, is us, and one piece of evidence is the color magic. Candles for manifestation are important items for rituals and spells. Where can you get your metaphysical supply in Miami? At Luna Bohemia Metaphysical shop, we are your trusted spiritual partner!