If you have ever found yourself wondering, “Are there any metaphysical supply stores or spiritual shops near me?” wonder no more! The Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop in Miami has something for everyone from any faith, whether you are pagan, Wiccan, Buddhist, or just generally open-minded. Our shop offers private readings of tarot cards and Nordic runes, as well as group classes in astrology, meditation, dance, and more. You can also find supplies for a wide range of spiritual practices, including guidance and advice, when trying something new.


A Comprehensive Metaphysical Supply Store


If you recently searched “spiritual shops near me,” make Luna Bohemia your one-stop shop for all healing needs: candles, incense, crystals, cauldrons, figurines, and apothecary goods are sold here. With our team of experts in-house and our wider faith community at your fingertips, we can supply both the items you need and the advice you want. As proof of our wellness know-how, enjoy this recipe for a Dream Spell Bag, the ingredients for which we sell at our shop.


Why Use A Dream Spell Bag?


If you have ever experienced a dream in which you met your ancestors, envisioned celestial beings, or visited another world, you understand the magical power of intuitive psychic dreams. Increasing the frequency and intensity of such dreams can elevate your state of being. We recommend this simple Dream Spell Bag recipe, but keep in mind that its effect on your dreams may be unique to you and contingent on your mental and spiritual state.


Our Recipe For A Simple Dream Spell Bag


You will need the following items: 

  • A small sachet of purple color to represent dreams
  • A snail shell or small token as a reminder of your intuition 
  • A Bay leaf to signify prophecy
  • Lavender to signify slumber
  • Mugwort to elicit lucid dreams
  • Amethyst to increase dream frequency


Relax and set the mood with candlelight. Cleanse your sachet, your token, and the amethyst, preferably by smoke. Next, whisper your intention (e.g., “Increase my dreams”) into the sachet. Then take your ingredients one at a time, beginning with the piece of amethyst; hold each up to your mouth and speak your intention before placing them one by one inside the bag. Visualize each ingredient affecting your dream frequency. Once all ingredients have been ceremoniously placed in the sachet, speak your intention into it, maintaining that visual of intent. Finally, tie the sachet closed and position it beneath your pillow or on a nightstand. Give yourself three moon-cycles to experience your psychic dreams. After this period, if you decide to continue using the bag, add 2-3 drops of lavender oil to the sachet or leave it in the moonlight to recharge. Dispose of the bag by burying it in the west portion of your yard.


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