Shells have a unique talent for evoking memories and dreams from the past. They aid in retaining information and the interpretation of any relevant symbols. Those portions of oneself hidden in the subconscious mind or realm become visible to the person wearing this talisman.

Shells let people feel the universal love that unites all living things. Below is a description of three types of shells available in any metaphysical shop in Miami:


Cowrie shells

They are one of the oldest known forms of currency. They were used as a medium of exchange in ancient Africa and swiftly spread to other cultures. On the other hand, these tiny shells represent something far more profound. Cowrie shell readings in any metaphysical store in Miami help you see into the future.



  • Protection

Cowrie shells were glued to warriors’ clothes as protection during combat. Baskets and other domestic goods were also regularly decorated to ensure a successful harvest and abundance at home. Cowrie shells may have been smuggled into the United States to thwart the slave trade because of their extensive use as protective amulets.

  • A lot of money and good luck

Cowrie shells are a sign of good fortune, prosperity, and abundance. People in African and American civilizations who had a more significant number of cowrie shells were seen as more important and given special treatment.



As a medium of commerce or trade, seashells are used as personal decoration and as an essential part of ceremonial material with mystical or talismanic qualities.

  • Healing of the Physical Body

Human energy fields are represented in their therapeutic properties; they provide mechanical support, balance, and energy renewal to the wearer of this piece. The central nervous and speech and communication diseases can be treated with shells’ cationic charge sent to the neural network.

  • Emotional healing

The nautilus seashell contains wisdom and is associated with a path of growth and a healthy physique. It lets the wearer comprehend that growth and discovery are intertwined in a never-ending crisis, punctuated by brief moments of comfort. The curves of life shells open new doors and reveal the most beautiful future when pushed past what appears to be the outer limit.


Abalone shells


  • Physical healing

An abalone shell is a stone associated with the ocean’s energy, promoting holistic healing. This is the best technique to help the muscles and the heart generate more robust structures in the body. Furthermore, it protects muscles and aids digestion with its vitamin A and D content.

  • Wealth fetching

The abalone shell brings good fortune and wealth to any business owner that wears it. As though you were about to embark on a new project, the stone will inspire you to think outside the box. Your firm’s future success relies heavily on your ability to act on your instincts. It is possible to use abalone stone to improve your business acumen by improving your sixth sense.