When you think of salt, you probably think of cooking or food. However, salt can be used for so much more than food. Here at Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop, we tell you why salt from a metaphysical store is the best salt around. Salt has many magical properties that help with any witchcraft you want you to participate in. Even if you don’t want to perform witchcraft, the information we provide is beneficial because it teaches you the importance of salt outside of the kitchen. Salt is effective in ways that many people don’t know about, especially salt from a metaphysical supply store. We sell the best salt in the Miami area, which is why we are so passionate about sharing our information with you. We want you to learn different techniques when it comes to salt so you can have fun and learn something new all at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Learn as much information as you can about salt from us because we provide the best salt! 


Different Salts In A Metaphysical Store

Part of what makes salt so much fun to work with and learn about is that there are various kinds of salt. Plus, at a metaphysical supply store, there are more types of salt than you can imagine. Alaea red salt comes from Hawaii and is used for cleaning homes, canoes, and tools. It’s also used for cooking, and it’s quite pricey. Hawaiian black salt is gathered through evaporated water, and it represents beauty and power. It’s very strong as well. Classic table salt is what you might expect it to be. It’s not the healthiest, it’s processed, and the flavor is subpar. Kosher salt is similar to table salt other than that the Jewish rabbi blesses it. It’s used when meat is drawn from the blood, and it’s important to the religion in general. Witches black salt is not for eating but rather for protection and spells. It is essentially ashes mixed with salt. Himalayan pink salt is what salt lamps are made out of! This type of salt is said to open your third eye, and it emphasizes romance and love. Then there is sea salt, which is self-explanatory. Sea salt can protect you, and it’s not super pricey.  


Don’t Underestimate Salt 

We understand that it’s easy to underestimate the power of salt because it’s, well, salt. However, salt has been a very important substance in history, and it’s still very important to different cultures and practices to this day. Many people swear by purchasing salt from a metaphysical supply store because they know it’s authentic and beneficial. 


We Have Variety 

Part of what makes our shop so special compared to others is that we have a large variety of salt. We value different cultures, practices, and salts for everyone to try. We believe that salt has helped many people heal, stay protected, and learn more about themselves in general. 


Contact Us 

Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop is a metaphysical store that sells all of the salt you can imagine. We provide information about all of our salts because we want you to be fully informed about the importance of salt and what it can do for people. Call or visit us today in Miami for more information.