The Mercury retrograde has all it takes to bring into effect flight or train delays, miscommunications, or better still, a DM from your ex! Mercury retrograde shadow period 2022 started on January 14th to February 3rd in Aquarius. As if the glitches in our internet connections, computer operations, and social media pages were not enough, the post-retrograde shadow awaits. A heads up? Save yourself the energy of getting frustrated over canceled plans and bad traffic!


Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period

The communication planet would perfectly fit into the description of chatty, open-minded, with a wild imagination. It rules technology, communication, and even relationships, so what doesn’t it do then? If these crucial parts of us are affected by Mercury’s backward motion, disappointment is the least of it all! But on the brighter side, this offers you an opportunity. Yes, we said it right, opportunity to let the flow of events be and not need to control for once in our lives.

While at it, keep up with your moon calendar for the monthly manifestations and full moon rituals while observing shadow periods to harness the most from the retrograde!

Before and after the Mercury retrograde is called the shadow period. Based on the retrograde’s speed, this may take two to three weeks. It’s no wonder you may feel stuck or awful during these periods. If you are keen enough, the pre-shadow period should highlight themes, convos, and topics that will find their way to your retrograde journey. It’s not yet in its full momentum, so you can only pick up on clues and hints. Then during the cosmic event is when you may find yourself reviewing your mistakes and trying to correct them.

With the pause from events and technology, we may get that old flame coming in to feel the space—talk of midnight texts and calls that you weren’t even expecting. We would advise not to touch that dial, at least not yet, as the Mercury retrograde shadow 2022 effect is currently in control. While at it, scrutiny is the word before sending that text or email. Avoid signing contracts as your decision-making skills at this point may not be up to the task.


Post-Shadow Mercury Retrograde

The post-shadow period is an opportunity to complete and start acting on your retrograde story. While Mercury’s backspin may have lingering effects, find out what you should implement from the recurring events and themes.

Think of everything you should do, like always starting early (ten to twenty minutes prior), ensuring clear communication, and knowing how to manage stress by meditating, updating a journal, and breathing from social media. Keep off sensitive discussions such as politics, as this may harm your relationships due to different opinions.

Most importantly, expect anything and love yourself enough even when you feel invalidated for all the valid reasons. Also, give yourself the headspace and time to reconnect with your inner self. Consulting your astrology birth chart while considering the planetary positions will provide you with some guidance.

We are being affected by cosmic events like the Mercury retrograde shadow period. But maintaining spiritual manifestations and making consultations for readings are important tools during this trying period. Wish for astrology readings in Miami? Lunia Bohemia Metaphysical Shop is ready for you!