If you have been wondering how to pick your first crystal, that is quite normal. Most people struggle with the first crystal as there’s plenty to choose from, and each one brings something to the table.

We have created a short guide to help you through this process. Ultimately what you need to know is the kind of help you are looking to receive from the crystal. Different crystals offer different types of help and you must know the right one for you.

Crystals offer spiritual, medical, and emotional help. There are plenty of crystal stores in Miami, such as the Luna Bohemia Shop that offer crystals to help in the following areas:


If you wish to experience more self-love, the best crystal would be Rose Quartz. This is a common stone that exudes compassion, peace, and love. It also helps with feelings of self-esteem, self-worth, and forgiveness.


The best crystal shops in Miami, such as the Luna Bohemian Shop will tell you that the Black Obsidian is the best protection stone. It is a strong grounding stone that offers excellent feelings of protection. It will certainly get the job done.

Happiness, Stress, and Anxiety

At the best healing crystal store in Miami Fl., such as the Luna Bohemian Shop, the Lepidolite crystal is ideal for happiness, stress, and anxiety. This is a stone that will bring you feelings of calmness, and peace, and will help you release any pent-up emotions you may have.


Affordable crystal stores in Miami, offer Pyrite stones for prosperity. It is also known as ‘fool’s gold,’ and it’s used to bring wealth, success, and prosperity.

Another great crystal is the Green Aventurine which is extremely popular for prosperity. Additionally, this stone brings in luck.


Crystals for beginners shops give you some great options when it comes to cleansing. Blue Kyanite is used to align your chakras and cleanse you. This is deeply calming and allows you to eliminate emotions that no longer serve you.

It is one of the many stones that do not need to be cleansed or charged. Another great cleansing crystal is the Black Tourmaline. It is also known as a scrubbing stone and will clear your aura and make the energy field around you cleansed.

You can use it to remove negativity and energy blockages. This puts you in an energetic mood with the protection barrier all around you.

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The Luna Bohemian Shop

At the Luna Bohemian Shop, we shall help you know how to pick your first crystal. We provide the best crystals for your inner aura and chakras. We are a full-service metaphysical shop offering the following:

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