Knowing how to ground yourself will help you out in situations that may feel energetically challenging. Grounding yourself helps you attain a spiritual balance and stabilize your energy field when you need to.

For instance, when doing a ritual, grounding yourself before you start will allow your energy to have an even keel to it. Also, when you feel the need to balance out your energy, whether it’s drained or in excess, grounding yourself will help restore that balance.

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Grounding can help you break free from negative emotions, unwanted memories, stress, and anxiety. Luna Bohemia offers this guide to grounding yourself and achieving a sense of spiritual harmony.


How To Ground Yourself

Grounding is a simple exercise anyone can do. To start, you must find a quiet place free from noise and other distractions. If you lack such a place or find it difficult to find one, you can seek space at a local metaphysical shop in Miami.

Once you get that nice quiet place, you could choose to either sit or stand and hold still while taking deep relaxed breaths. While in that state, exhale slowly and picture yourself having roots that run out from your spine and into the earth.

Picture any negativity or excess energy flowing out of your body and into the earth. The earth will absorb and purify it.

Afterward, visualize yourself absorbing the pure energy from the earth back into your body. Once you feel in balance, take another deep breath, exhale then open your eyes.

If you need some help learning this meditation exercise, reach out to a spiritual store in Miami like Luna Bohemia Shop to guide you.

The more you practice the rooting exercise, the easier it will be. Afterward, you can learn centering and enhance your grounding ability some more.


Grounding Stones

There are a variety of special stones you can use in your grounding exercise. These include Hematite, Smokey Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Mahogany Obsidian, and Angelite stone.

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