When you come to Luna Bohemia, you are coming into a magical community where you are able to relax and enjoy all of our new, beautiful, and exciting inventory, classes, workshops, and much more! We are a spiritual store that has something for every faith including pagan, Wiccan, Buddhist, and others. Open your mind to a different way of thinking and your heart to a different way of being. Luna Bohemia Metaphysical offers crystals, spiritual statues/figures, cauldrons, herbs, candles, incense, apothecary products, accessories, and more for your spiritual well-being. Crystals are a pathway to enhance your love life by channeling and unblocking energy. We offer healing crystals for sale to strengthen your relationships and improve your love life. If you’re looking for “crystals near me” in the Miami area, call Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop today!


We Have Healing Crystals For Sale To Help Your Love Life


Using crystals for love or enhancing your love life with crystals is something that you are able to do either by carrying or wearing very specific crystals. In the summertime, people are out looking their tan best and many people are taking a serious look at their love life, whether it’s healthy, lacking, or could use a bit of oomph. Some people are looking to attract a new significant other in their life, while others may be seeking help to improve their relationships. There are also many people out there who are trying to spend their energy and time working on self love and acceptance. Through wearing or carrying crystals, you can shift the energy and dynamic of your love life. 


Looking For “Crystals Near Me”?


Here is a list of crystals that may be able to assist with your love life and help your auraL

  • Rose Quartz- Unconditional love for self
  • Prehnite- Gentle healing of the physical and emotional heart. Brings in the Archangel Raphael. 
  • Garnet- Attracts the passion!
  • Fire agate- Offer you energy and also the stamina to get the ball rolling, and also activates change
  • Mangano calcite- Soothes past disappointments and wounding, and also opens the heart chakra
  • Moonstone- Brings in a softer, romantic influence to any relationship. It also assists in helping you embrace self-love
  • Rhodochrosite- Lifts depression and brings in a peaceful outlook on life. This stone also stimulates the heart chakra.


After you’ve chosen the crystals  you would like to work with, make sure to cleanse them with sage or a crystal cleanse. The next step after this is to program them with your desired intention. Some ways that our specialists suggest on how to work with them are:

  • Wear as jewelry by your heart
  • Place on the  heart chakra
  • Hold in your left hand
  • Place by your bedside
  • Place the crystal(s) on top of your intention to bring unconditional love into your love- chant the intention “I am opening my heart with ease and trust.”


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Crystals can be used to heal yourself from within and attract different kinds of energy from others. Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop offers healing crystals for sale to aid in your love life and more. If you’re looking for “crystals near me,” call Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop today.