Do you find yourself looking for the perfect gift this time of year? Need a new idea for showing someone you care? Crystals make great gifts for all kinds of occasions. Before you search for “crystals near me,” know that you can find the perfect crystal or collection of crystals at Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop, Miami’s local gift shop for all things spiritual and metaphysical. 


A Gift Shop Item Worth Giving

Crystals are more than mementos; these precious stones carry intrinsic meaning to both the giver and the recipient. Over the centuries, crystals have been revered for their beauty, sacred power, and healing energy. Even those recipients who may not understand their metaphysical value will appreciate their aesthetic qualities and benefit from their healing properties. Crystals are appropriate gifts for men and women, old and young alike. A quick search of “crystals near me” indicates that crystals make good gifts for many occasions, such as holidays, personal achievements, life transitions, and more. 


Ways To Give Your Crystal

You can present your gift of crystals in several ways; thoughtfully consider the recipient’s lifestyle and preferences. You may choose to display the crystals in a large case which your recipient can mount or display in their home. Smaller crystals might present better in a satchel or small, decorative bag to be kept in a special drawer or a pocket. Many crystals look great worn as jewelry, so you may decide to have the stone set as a necklace or ring for your recipient. Depending on the crystal’s healing properties, you may determine one of these methods to be most conducive for your recipient. 


Preparing Your Crystal

Once you’ve determined which crystal or crystals to give and how to present them, set aside time to prepare the crystal’s energy. First, you’ll need to cleanse the crystal of any unwanted energy it may carry. There are a few different techniques for cleansing, including smudging or using moonlight. A search for “crystals near me” won’t help you learn these essential crystal rituals, so if you’re unsure, visit your local spiritual store to learn more. Once the crystal has been cleansed, fill it with the energy you want the recipient to glean from the crystal, whether inner peace, enhanced dreams, sharpened intuition, or newfound love. Taking the time to impart this energy into the crystal is worth the effort, and relaying your intention to the recipient is the best way to awaken them to its effect. You can attach a note to your crystal to explain its healing property and why you chose it specifically for them.


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