As far back as ancient Egypt, people believed that gemstones held power, health and healing capabilities. Today, people will carry or wear stones for similar feelings and energies, mostly dependent on the color and type of gemstone used. Some people incorporate them into their spiritual practices to restore their energy fields, while others will place them on specific areas of the body, called “chakras”, to promote healing. Read on to find out more and where to go in Miami for a large selection of gemstones in a local spiritual store


Using Intuition to Select Your Stone

There are many different ways to pick your healing stone for the day, and sometimes people will let their intuition select one or a few to carry. You may feel drawn to one particular stone, in which case it’s recommended to place it by your heart and ask “Are you the most beneficial gemstone for the day ahead”? If your body starts to relax, tingle or lean toward the healing stone, it’s a good sign that you made the right choice. If your body starts to sway backwards or you have a tightness to your chest, that may be your body and soul saying “not today”. 


Gemstones By Color

You may want to pick a healing stone by a specific type, or you may feel inclined to go by a certain color, depending on your mood. Here are the general colors and their corresponding moods to help you reference which stone (or more than one) might help the best.   


Carrying red, orange, yellow or gold healing stones when you want to be productive or need extra energy is the best for these stones. The red properties include: passion, strength, vitality, fertility, mercy, action, sexual potency, survival, courage, conflict, independence, fire element, assertiveness and competition. 


The orange properties include: creativity, joy, self-expression, vitality, ambition, action, opportunity and celebration. Some healing stones from these colors can be rubies or garnets for red, sunstone and carnelian for orange, citrine and topaz for yellow, and tigereye and pyrite for gold. 


When you feel emotionally sensitive or are seeking emotional support in your day, green healing stones are the most beneficial. Prosperity, money, luck, acceptance and abundance are some of their best properties. Choose jade or fuschite for the day and feel the physical and emotional healing. 


More Stones to Seek In A Spiritual Store

If you’re feeling mentally overwhelmed or anxious, pink and purple healing stones can help relieve the stress. Pink brings forth feelings of love, nurturing, friendship, compassion, romance, and self-improvement. Purple gives you wisdom, independence, influence and spiritual power. Seeking out fluorite and amethyst for purple and rhodonite and rose quartz for pink will help you find the comfort you need to get through the day.     


Say you’re going to be giving multiple presentations today during work, or answering phone calls and interacting with people a lot. You may be overwhelmed by the tasks at hand and want comfort and support in social interactions. Reach for blue healing stones to help you accomplish these tasks and better express your ideas. Light blue can help you with peace, spirituality, protection and tranquility, while blue can help with communication, focus, will power, patience and organization. Aquamarine and celestite are good light blue stones and apatite and sapphire are trustworthy blue stones. 


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