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The way is a world that believes in healing.

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Our facilitators have ample experience in spiritual healing and are committed to bringing out the best in you, physically and emotionally, making us the metaphysical store Miami loves. They combine the passion for what they do, with professional expertise and an honest desire to help you feel comfortable, enlightened, recharged, renewed, and inspired through each of the phases of your spiritual journey. 
You can rest assured you will be in good hands with us at Luna Bohemia, where we foster a safe and loving environment, to give you the opportunity to dig deep in a private one-on-one session or have a wonderful group experience where you can connect and share your positive energy with others.

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Ivonne Chevet

Owner • Tarot • Habla Español
Tues, Wed & Fri 4-7pm ET

Holy Fire Reiki Master • Lic. Physical Therapist

Connected to the spirit world since a very young age, Ivonne has developed a strong connection with her guides and ancestors. Her innate psychic and clairvoyant abilities allow her to channel messages from the spirit realm helping every person that crosses her path.
During a meditation, her spirit guides revealed a unique hands-on healing technique and she was instructed to name it “The Enchanting Therapy”. This wonderful technique successfully heals the body, mind, and soul. Ivonne is trained in five ancient healing techniques, and she is thankful for having developed the gifts that she was born with. She is a healing instrument of love and compassion.


Tarot Reader • Habla Español
Mon & Thurs 4:30-8pm ET;
Sat & Sun Noon-7pm ET

Ana is a gifted and experienced tarot card reader with over 20 years of experience doing client readings at festivals across the Southeastern US. She is also a Certified Reiki Master and is fully bilingual in Spanish and English languages. She uses her intuitive knowledge and spiritual connection to help bring new clarity and focus to your life journey. Joining Luna Bohemia’s team in 2020, clients have quickly discovered Ana’s tarot card reading abilities and are already booking repeat visits! You can schedule a tarot card appointment with Ana during her available hours.


Astrology Reader • Astrology Teacher
Weekends & Evenings

Astrology is a wondrous spiritual science handed down to us through the ages. Above the Temple at Delphi in Ancient Greece was the phrase, “Know Thyself.” Joseph will illuminate your personal strengths and areas for growth, and review significant moments of your past and near future. Unlock the mysteries of the signs, planets, and stars to help you manage situations you are dealing with in the present. Pursue your life goals with greater self-understanding, awareness, and timing.

Joseph is a certified Level 1 astrologer and member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. He has studied and interpreted astrological charts since 2007, using the tropical zodiac with the Placidus house system.


Workshop Presenter • Teacher
Habla Español

Shaylee has been a devotee to Hekate for over 10 years and a practicing eclectic witch for over 20. A member of Beachfyre Coven, she has been the First Officer of Everglades Moon Local Council, the local chapter of Covenant of the Goddes. She is also a First Degree Georgian, a Faerie Seership Apprentice, and A Pythia Priestess in training. Building a relationship with Hekate has played a large part in her Pagan practices and development. Shaylee has written and led rituals, meditations, and workshops for and about Hekate. 


Runes Reader • Norse Ritual Guide
Zoom only Sundays 4-7pm ET

Meet Michael Eamon Grant, a practicing Norse Pagan for many years, worshipping and studying the Norse gods and spirits, followed by a lifelong obsession for anthropology, history, and spirituality. He has studied and worked with Elder Futhark Runes, an ancient writing system that was used as a magical divination tool throughout pre-Christian Northern Europe. They were written on sacred artifacts and were used by many people to help understand the spiritual worlds around them as well as their mundane lives. Join Michael as he presents you with an old and animistic way of thinking that answers personal questions about life and one’s spiritual nature.



Hekate Priestess • Crystal Expert 

Lori is a resident Priestess of Hekate, and a Georgian Tradition of Wicca Second Degree initiate. Her encyclopedic knowledge of crystals, stones, and other earthly treasures is always informative and helpful to Luna customers! Lori has been walking the mystical Pagan path since her teenage years and offers public workshops and rituals on witchcraft as well as Hekate devotionals called Noumenias. She is a long-standing member of the local Miami Pagan community and is happy to share her knowledge and practices with sincere seekers of the magickal paths.


Tarot Reader • Habla Español
Zoom only on select days

Jay’s 7 years of experience with the tarot has made one thing clear for him: it’s all about energy. Jay uses the cards and their timeless meanings to dig deep into your energetic ambiance; what’s working for you, what you need to put some work into, and especially which energetic chords have fulfilled their purpose and you have to cut. Jay loves using the deep archetypes of Tarot to help his clients get back on their path of self-empowerment and maybe even start carving out whole new paths for themselves.