Holy Fire Reiki Master | Lic. Physical Therapist

Connected to spirit world since a very young age, Ivonne has developed a strong connection with her guides and ancestors. Her innate psychic and clairvoyant abilities allow her to channel messages from the spirit realm helping every person that crosses her path.
During a meditation, her spirit guides revealed a unique hands-on healing technique and she was instructed to name it “The Enchanting Therapy”. This wonderful technique successfully heals the body, mind, and soul. Ivonne is trained in five ancient healing techniques, and she is thankful for having developed the gifts that she was born with. She is a healing instrument of love and compassion.


Energy Healer | Herbalist

Since her teen years, Stela noticed that a lot of energy would flow naturally to her hands. Later she became a Reiki Master in order to harvest the clearest light. She uses her intuition and energy in her hands to clear blocks from chakras. In her work, she strives to be a vessel for Archangels and Ascended Master that are in alignment to your healing and highest good of all involved.
She uses crystals and oracle cards as tools in order to address issues at hand. Moreover, she is the owner of Primitiva Botanicals,  a 100% Organic Product Line designed to promote overall wellbeing. She is passionate about the healing power of flowers and herbs and is currently studying to get certified as a herbalist.


Tarot Card Reader | Instructor

Yael had an interest in Mythology and the metaphysical word ever since he was young. He started actively offering readings for others in 2012 and has fallen absolutely in love with it. The cards help him interpret and understand people's energetic path and blockages so that they can then be undone. He believes that through our intuition and our connection to the Earth's loving frequencies we can go forward and reach our highest potential. In his courses, he strives to steer clear of basic card meanings and prefers to give clients the opportunity to discover what the energy of card means for them by guiding them through the story of the Major Arcana. 


Astrologer  |  Instructor

Astrology is a wondrous spiritual science handed down to us through the ages. Above the Temple at Delphi in Ancient Greece was the phrase, “Know Thyself.” Joseph will illuminate your personal strengths and areas for growth, and review significant moments of your past and near future. Unlock the mysteries of the signs, planets, and stars to help you manage situations you are dealing with in the present. Pursue your life goals with greater self-understanding, awareness, and timing. 

Joseph is a certified Level 1 astrologer and member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. He has studied and interpreted astrological charts since 2007, using the tropical zodiac with Placidus house system. 


Runes Reader | Norse Ritual Guide

Originally coming from Alaska, Michael is a practicing Norse pagan for the past 6 years, and has studied the runes extensively. He is passionate about Norse Mythology and offers Rune Readings at Luna, as well as Odin, Freya and Thor rituals to help you learn about and honor these gods and goddesses with the fellow local pagan community. 


The way is a world that believes in healing.
Discover the life-changing power of alternative energy healing.

Our facilitators have ample experience in spiritual healing and are committed to bringing out the best in you, physically and emotionally. They combine passion for what they do, with professional expertise and an honest desire to help you feel comfortable, enlightened, recharged, renewed and inspired through each of the phases of your spiritual journey. 
You can rest assured you will be in good hands with us at Luna Bohemia, where we foster a safe and loving environment, to give you the opportunity to dig deep in a private one-on-one session, or have a wonderful group experience where you can connect and share your positive energy with others.

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