If you wish to start a collection of crystals that will provide you with crystal energy, you must first find the right ones.

Protection crystals for the home will help you invite some positive energy in your home and help you in overcoming your problems, and other issues. A good example is: When you wish to dispel any negativity, you could use black tourmaline near your door.

Therefore, if you are looking for crystals for a new home and crystals for happiness, the following energy stones can help you achieve what you want;


Crystals For Happiness That You Should Keep In Your Home 

The Amethyst Stone

This one is perfect for relaxation and helping you sleep. It represents spirituality and royalty, plus it will help purify your aura, de-stress and bring you divine wisdom. As one of the most popular energy stones, Amethyst generates excellent vibrations and gives you a profoundly calming sensation.



When looking for protection crystals for the home, selenite provides ease of use; it is easy to connect with and does not need recharging or cleansing. It gives purity and is a moon goddess for cleansing, soothing, and purifying your home.


Clear Quartz

As one of the happiness crystals, Clear Quartz comes with healing power and represents purity, space, and patience. It is from the Greek word “Ice,” believed to come from ice.

This stone reduces negativity, improves mental clarity and moods. It can also be used to unblock energy flows.


Green Aventurine

Protection crystals for the home, such as Green Aventurine, represent spring, nature, regrowth, healing, and a new life. It is considered to bring in good luck and new opportunities.


Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz is perfect when looking for divine feminism energy and love. These energy stones are used to welcome new love into your life and awaken the goddess inside you.


Black Tourmaline

As mentioned above, energy stones like the black tourmaline provide robust protection for your home that purifies and cleanses your soul. This gemstone rebounds any negative energy and helps to reduce anxiety.


Smoky Quartz

These types of crystals for a new home represent the dark power on earth and have been in use for centuries, especially in druidic rituals and tribal ceremonies. Smoky Quartz is used to create balance and stop the madness.



Pyrite protection crystals for the home offer money, blessings, good fortune, abundance, and wealth. They help show you the path ahead, and they are the ultimate good luck charms. As energy stones, they radiate healing solar energy to help you achieve calmness in times of frustration and anxiety.


Black Obsidian

These energy stones are used to remove confusion. Black Obsidian represents fire energy, banishing all sorts of negative energy that burns through the clouds of confusion. They provide a natural volcanic glass that’s full of fiery power.


Blue Lace Chalcedony

Historically, the Blue Lace Chalcedony energy stones were used to neutralize the evil eye, which is believed to provide a cushion when you are affected by external energies. It is also ideal for communication.