In today’s society, spirituality has become a hot topic of conversation. More and more people every day are either beginning a spiritual journey or looking into it. If this is you, chances are you have heard chakra healing mentioned before. And you may be wondering what they are or how they affect you. Our experienced facilitators at Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop are here for you. Our customers benefit from an exceptional selection of things like incense, group classes, private tarot card readings, spiritual statues, crystals for sale, and much more at our Miami location. We pride ourselves on offering something for every faith to our open-minded customers.


Chakra Healing Explained


Translated literally from Sanskrit (a South Asian language), the word chakra means disk or wheel. However, what it references is the spiritual energy center within the human body that runs along the head, neck, and spine. There are seven chakras in total, and they each correspond to a different organ within the body. They hold great power over our lives and contain healing energy that can be manifested through different practices like yoga, meditation, and reiki. The theory behind chakra healing is that when the chakras are open, the healing energy that they possess can flow freely throughout the body. This influences a person physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. And when these chakras are all aligned, one can become a truly vibrant human being. Chakra healing has been cited eliminating anxiety and stress as the energy becomes balanced throughout the body. 


Chakra Types


Seven different chakras make up the body’s spiritual energy center. Each responsible for its function. The most commonly discussed is the third-eye chakra; however, no one chakra is more important than the other. You must learn about each to keep them balanced. 


Root Chakra

  • It houses your sense of stability and security, and when it is blocked, you may feel anxious and fearful.
  • Crystals – red jasper, onyx, and hematite.


Sacral Chakra

  • It is your pleasure center, responsible for all things that bring passion and joy. When it is blocked, we may feel depressed or emotionally unstable. 
  • Crystals – carnelian, tiger’s eye, and the sunstone


Solar Plexus Chakra

  • It is your ego, and controls your willpower and self-determination. When it is blocked, you may feel insecure and experience apathy.
  • Crystals – citrine, pyrite, and amber


Heart Chakra 

  • It is from where your love and compassion flow. A blocked heart chakra can show up as jealousy, hatred, and anger. 
  • Crystals – rose quartz, jade, and malachite


Throat Chakra

  • This chakra rules your communication, and when it is blocked, it means that you may not be speaking your truth. 
  • Crystals – lapis lazuli, aquamarine, and kyanite


Third-eye Chakra

  • It houses your intuition and allows you to see clearly through situations in the physical world. When it is blocked, you may have memory trouble and problems trusting your inner voice. 
  • Crystals – Amethyst, purple fluorite, and labradorite


Crown Chakra

  • This is where your enlightenment lives, which connects you with the divine. When it is blocked, you may feel purposeless. 
  • Crystals – headstand, tree pose, savasana


Balancing Your Chakras


Practices like meditation and yoga are known to assist with balancing and opening the chakras. Chakras work together to make you whole, so if one is out of balance, you will feel it. It is best to have a specialist on your team to help you succeed and to know what crystals for sale will work best for you. 


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