Most practicing Wiccans are already aware of the ease and practical applications of candle magic. This is one of the simplest and easiest ways of exploring your spiritual side in another worldly realm. Magic candles in Miami aren’t difficult to find, especially when you visit Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop. We have a large selection of candles, incense, herbs, healing crystals, statues and more. Continue reading to further explore candle magic and how you can practice this at home.

Candle Magic Basics

Before you set off for a Miami candle magic shop, you may want to get your mind into the right spiritual space before you go shopping. Or you may want to allow the candles to speak to you while you’re browsing, finding the right color and candle as it chooses you and not the other way around. Candle magic involves a lot of personal intentions and thoughts throughout the entire process. It’s a kind of alchemy, where all the elements can be expressed. The fire of the candle flame, the air to feed it, the water represented by the melted wax, and the earth as the solid form of the candle remaining. There are no specific rules on what candles to use or anything like that, as it’s a very personal experience. Everyone practices differently, so you can borrow certain techniques as you wish, but ultimately the experience is entirely in your hands.

Setting an Intention

Candle magic is very simple and quick to use when you want to set an intention. It only requires a candle, something to light it with, and an intention. Candle magic may be one of the oldest forms of magic in human history. Humanity has always been fascinated by a flame, and this has carried on over all the years. Fire is a form of transformation, changing everything it interacts with. And candles represent the best way to link to that power in a concrete and simple way. It’s transformational energy is what you’re essentially channeling through candle magic. Setting your intention may be through a need of concentration, to ponder on an important decision in your life, or any desire you wish for. Be specific, realistic, positive and kind when thinking and setting your intention. Clarify your intention in a simple, single sentence. Visualize this goal, say your sentence out loud and then light the candle to release the energy. Take notice of the flame’s movements while it’s burning. You don’t have to necessarily keep sending your energy to the candle while it’s burning, as the flame is its own entity and is self-sustaining. You will want to avoid blowing out the candle, though, as this can blow out your intention as well. Snuff it out with a tool or your fingers instead, to keep the intention alive even if the flame is out.

Spiritual Candle Shops in Miami

Visiting a spiritual shop for your candle magic is a great way to explore all the different kinds available to you. Colors can have different meanings for your intentions, so keep that in mind when selecting a certain color of candle. Yellow for insight, blue for strength, green for success, pink for compassion, red for love, white for peace and personal insight, orange for ambition, and purple for spiritual enlightenment. When used unscented, these colors can open up your world to endless possibilities for spiritual and personal growth. You can even carve runes or other symbols into the candle of your choice, or search for specific spells and magic candles in the spiritual shop itself.

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