Incense sticks are a time-honored tool for many spiritual practices. From aromatherapy to religious prayers and ancestor worship, incense sticks have been utilized for milenia due to its various benefits. Today, incense sticks are more popular than ever and come in many different fragrances, shapes, and sizes. While a lot of people may have burned incense at some point in their life, not a lot of people know how to burn incense sticks properly and safely. It’s important to burn incense sticks the right way, as not doing so appropriate can increase your risk of catching a flame. Read on to learn more about how you can burn an incense stick in a safe manner and also get the optimal amount of benefits out of burning incense sticks. Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop is a spiritual store providing healing accessories such as crystals, statues, herbs, candles, incense, and more. If you’re looking for “spiritual shops near me,” call Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop in Miami to find out more today!


Tips For Burning Incense Sticks


Here are some top tips to burn incense sticks in a safe and appropriate manner:

  • Choose a natural incense stick- When purchasing incense, we advise that you look at the ingredients and make sure that they match your needs. If you’re looking to get incense to purify your environment, then you should look for natural ingredients. These days more and more vendors offer all-natural incense sticks, including us! Check for organic ingredients like amber, pine, and myrrh. You should also look for a company that has organically sourced ingredients. Every fragrance has to be formulated with the powerful scent of nature such as flowers, fruits, woods, resins, roots etc.
  • Light in a ventilated room- After you’ve settled on the ideal fragrance for your room, first make sure that the room you are planning to light it in has proper ventilation. Even if the incense stick is composed of the purest ingredients, ventilation is key. The particulates that the stick gives off when burned can be harmful if you inhale it for too long. Keep the windows open and move the stick around periodically to avoid filling rooms with smoke, which will help the entire house smell great!


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  • Place a negative ion generator in there- Negative ion generators like a Himalayan Salt Lamp are used to get rid of harmful particulates such as the ones that incense sticks release. They are also great at getting rid of animal dander, pollen, bacteria, and mold that may be lingering in your indoor air. 
  • Purchase different holders- Incense sticks are typically made out of bamboo. An absorbent sawdust paste is often used in the upper portion and the oils used to scent them are extracted from aromatic plants. When burning an incense stick, it’s necessary to have good holders that can keep the stick straight and collect the ash.


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Burning incense sticks the right way is important for safety and other reasons. If you’re looking for “spiritual shops near me,” call Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Shop in Miami today!