Blue sage, also known as grandmother sage, serves a broad range of medicinal and magical purposes. Native Americans incorporated it in various rituals due to its exceptional abilities. Traditionally, blue sage was used for medicinal purposes, but it’s also come to be used in various ritual and spiritual practices as well.


Why is blue sage valuable today?

  1. Blue sage is a perfect substitute for white sage

White sage is one of the most sacred ingredients for a wide variety of Native American rituals. However, white sage (salvia apiana) is now an endangered species.

The good news is that blue sage (salvia azurea) is a great substitute for white sage in most ritual practices. It’s not endangered, and it’s easy to grow!

  1. Sage can help you cleanse negative energy

Opposing forces may be present in objects, spaces, and even people. Blue sage can get rid of this negative energy and restore balance. Most people burn sage to achieve this goal, but you can also spray its essential oil to gain a similar effect.

  1. Sage helps attract success and prosperity into your life

Along with banishing negative energy, sage corresponds with success and prosperity. Use it to weather hard times and draw opportunities toward you!


Planting Blue Sage

Blue sage is a pretty, low maintenance herb that thrives in full sun and average soil. Bees, birds, and other pollinators love it, but it repels pests! It’s also a perennial plant, which means it comes back year after year.


How to plant the blue sage herb

  1. Measure the current plant’s diameter container and dig a hole that’s twice as big.
  2. Transfer the plant from the container and implant it in the hole, ensuring that the top of the root ball is leveled with the soil surface.
  3. Based on the sage type, the plants should be positioned 1 to 3 feet apart.
  4. Gently fill the space around the blue sage plant and ensure the soil is firm.
  5. Water the plant thoroughly and wait for your aromatic beauty in the summer!


Cleansing with Sage

Blue sage is used to attract money, wealth, health, healing, and purification. Below are reasons you might need a blue sage ritual:

  1. You feel blocked from achieving your goals.
  2. You’re feeling distressed or on edge.
  3. You feel a negative energy or presence in your home.
  4. You’re feeling exhausted and lethargic
  5. You’re having trouble sleeping.
  6. You’re withdrawing from your friends and family.
  7. You’re having trouble concentrating.

While smudging is a sacred ritual that can only be performed by Native Americans, you can burn sage or diffuse sage oil in your home to feel its effects. Some will also add sage leaves or sage oils to their bath for a more personal touch of healing.