There’s a lot of insight into stars, and this is usually presented through horoscopes, a birth chart, or an astrology chart. They all offer an illumination into our daily lives and experiences. They help us recognize how planets move, such as Saturn’s Retrograde that’s used to assist in making significant life changes.

Now, let’s take a step back. How exactly does this process of interpreting the motions and locations of the planets work? Well, this is defined as your Zodiac Birth Chart.

To access your Zodiac Birth Chart, you need to have the following;

  • Your birth location.
  • Your birth date.
  • Your birth time.

These are crucial in getting the exact information.

A birth chart usually is used to determine your placement in terms of planets, signs, asteroids, and many others. You were born through a magical chart that defines who you are astrologically.

The Birth chart will show you who you are at your core, and it also calculates the astrological aspects and other sensitive angles of your magical moment at birth.

You must first acknowledge your birth chart compatibility with zodiac signs to follow through with this. These are;

  • Aries – Fire
  • Taurus – Earth
  • Gemini – Air
  • Cancer – Water
  • Leo – Fire
  • Virgo – Earth
  • Libra – Air
  • Scorpio – Water
  • Sagittarius – Fire
  • Capricorn – Earth
  • Aquarius – Air
  • Pisces – Water

So, what do the planets really symbolize?

The astrology chart is quite complex and vast, plus it’s a highly specialized study whose core principles are pretty straightforward. The birth chart usually uses a snapshot of the sky at the exact moment of your birth. Let’s look at what each planet signifies;


The Sun

When it comes to Astro charts, the sun symbolizes your fundamental essence.


The moon

The moon’s gravitational pull is used to regulate the oceanic tides and the climate. In the natal chart or astrology chart, the moon represents your emotional inner world.



This is the innermost and smallest planet in the solar system, and it is named after the Roman Deity, who used to serve as a messenger to the gods. The zodiac birth chart symbolizes communication.



Venus is named after a Roman goddess, and it’s a vibrant plant in the Birth chart that represents beauty, abundance, and love.



Mars is the red planet known as a warrior in the Zodiac Birth Chart. It symbolizes determination, action, and aggression.



Jupiter in the astrology chart represents abundance, philosophy, and spirituality as the giant planet.



This ringed giant is associated with regulations, restrictions, and time within the Zodiac birth chart.



Uranus is an unusual planet that is tilted far from its axis, and in the birth chart compatibility, it is used to represent technology, innovation, and rebellion. This planet hates rules and is always eager to come up with dynamic and groundbreaking changes.



Neptune represents the magical and mysterious vastness of the spiritual world. Any Birth chart that aligns with Neptune can perfectly complement your astrological sign.