Different reasons in your life will necessitate a birth chart reading, and when this time comes, it helps to prepare for it. You could be going through a difficult season in your life, or you want some insight into your personality and need a little guidance about your life.

So, the correct birth chart reader should be a professional astrologer who will give you an astrology reading of your life.

  • Ensure that you are comfortable with the astrologer you choose.

This is key. It would be best to find a birth chart reader you will be comfortable with, as they ask plenty of personal questions. You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable divulging this information, as it helps with the reading.

  • Provide them with all the required information

The astrology reading will require you to provide information such as the date, location, and time of your birth. In case you do not have this information, you could estimate to the best of your knowledge.

The more specific this information, the more accurate the birth chart reading. Now, you probably know your sun and moon signs, and it helps too.

  • Record your session

If you would like to record the session, you can do so, as there will be a lot of information provided within a short period, which will help keep track of everything. You will also be able to revisit what you heard and any instructions you may have been given.

  • Always keep an open mind

An astrology reading is a bit out there, and you will probably hear plenty of weird information.

Often the birth chart reader or astrologer may say things that are likely to upset you or trigger some feelings of anger in you. So, keeping an open mind will help you go through the process with ease.

  • Carry some questions

You must bring questions to ask astrologers, and most of them will allow you to ask all sorts of questions about everything they are saying.

Again the chart doesn’t tell about the future, but it will give some insights into it and look deep into your personality.



If you find yourself hating the whole process, maybe you should ask yourself why. You may not be immediately thrilled with everything the birth chart reader says, but maybe when you think about it, it may make sense?

Allow yourself time to process everything, and if you still don’t like it, maybe chart reading is not something you want to rely on or even want as part of your life. There’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes the things they say may hit you the wrong way.

But all in all, relax and trust your astrologer. You might just learn something that could change your life.