Whether you do it publicly or not, most people love looking at their horoscopes or tarot cards. Of course, we don’t all understand how to do it, which is why a beginner’s guide for reading tarot cards is a great idea.

Learning to read your tarot card can be difficult in the beginning. Luckily, the best metaphysical supply store in Miami – the Luna Bohemian shop, is offering a comprehensive 6-week class covering the whole series. Book now and start your spiritual journey with us today.

We are going to have this class in September for Tarot card readings in Miami Fl. Check out our link for this:


Beginners Tarot Class with Ana – Starts Tues, Sept 13 @ 6:30 pm for 6 weeks 

Cost: $230.00

Date/Time: Starts Tues, Sept 13 @ 6:30pm
Duration: 6-weeks

In these classes for tarot card readings in Miami, you will be guided through a detailed study of the Rider-Waite (also known as Rider-Waite-Smith) Tarot. Learn to read the cards and develop your intuitive knowledge while growing your spiritual awareness.

This class Welcomes ALL levels, even if you have no prior experience, or are relatively new to Tarot Card readings in Miami. Please bring or purchase a Rider-Waite deck and notebook for each session.


What You Need To Do!

To start the class, please take a look at our requirements:


Get yourself a Tarot Deck

You can easily purchase a deck from any spiritual store dealing in tarot cards in Miami. The best deck to start with as a beginner is the Rider Waite Deck.

This is because there exist several guidebooks for this deck. They are also straightforward to interpret.

Purchase the cards from a well-known metaphysical store in Miami Fl to avoid buying knockoffs.


Acquaint Yourself With The Cards

Go through the cards one by one studying their images and names. Take your time to look at each card and connect with it spiritually.

To fully understand the true meaning behind each card, you can speak to professionals who offer tarot card readings in Miami Fl.


Try Doing Short Readings

You can start by doing a card a day’s readings. This is where you focus your energy on the deck and pull a single card. At the end of the day, try relating the card you drew to the energy you experienced and see if it matches.


Book Your Beginner’s Guide For Tarot Classes With Us!

Luna Bohemian is the best metaphysical store in Miami, and we shall guide you through this wonderful world of Tarot card readings. Book a slot using the link provided above. We are also conducting the following readings at the Luna Bohemian, just click on the link below to book, and pay for your readings.

We would love to make your tarot card reading a reality. Please get in touch with us today.