Astrology readings in Miami can help you have a clear path to your life which is why you need to understand it. The birth chart resembles the sky’s snapshot from the earth’s vantage point from the exact point that you were born. The chart is fragmented into twelve parts called houses. The houses include the actions of your life. Your chart’s house is under the rule and meaning of different signs according to birth’s date, time, and location. The houses are an association of different areas of your life like career, life, home, and relationships.


Different astrology houses of Astrology readings in Miami

  • Birth Chart Reading in Miami- First House

The first house represents beginnings and determines the origin of yourself, identity, outward appearance, and new endeavors. The rising sign signifies the zodiac sign ruling the first house’s cusp. Therefore, this first house is very significant to the manner you present yourself to the world and the first impressions you make informing how others see you.

  • Natal Chart Reading in Miami- Second House

Your sense of stability, how you generate income, and your immediate environment is represented by this second house. The material realm mostly governs your five senses. The house is also associated with your self-esteem, values, income, self-worth, and the extent you feel at home in your environments and bodies.

  • Third House

In this house, all aspects of communication are ruled; talking, thinking, and your online persona. This is a tech-savvy realm that rules; electronic devices, media, and the methods you use to send and receive messages.

  • Natal Chart Reading in Miami -The Fourth House

This house is also referred to as the house of roots and home, and it is the foundation of the entire chart. It is situated at the wheel’s bottom, with its topics being; security, home, mothers, lineage, care, children, and the level at which you feel safe and at home. This house also dictates how you nurture others and your approach to self-care.

  • Natal Chart Reading in Miami -The Fifth House

This house represents everything to do with creativity, self-expression, and celebration. This house is very fertile because it rules the creation of everything in our lives-our expression in dramatic and artistic ways and the creation of children. It governs; play, attention, arts, painting, music, and the joys of love and romance.

  • The Sixth House

The service and health of our lives are represented in this house. The topics in this house are; fitness, organization, daily upkeep and routines, self-care, natural living, exercise/diet, and our service to the planet and other people.

  • Birth Chart Reading in Miami -The Seventh House

This house is directly situated across from the first house representing our identity. It represents relationships and other people we meet in our lives. This house represents all partnerships in our lives, where we team up with other people.

  • The Eighth House

This house has to do with transformations through the cycle of birth to death, profound bonding, sex, and the money and energy of other people. This is a zone of your merging as you become one with your partner.

  • The Ninth House

This house is connected with the growth of all kinds and expansive thinking; philosophy, travel, higher level of learning, publishing, religion, and belief system.

  • Tenth House

Located at the topmost part of the chart, it rules the institutional, traditions, and legacies that you leave in this world. Our leadership, status, achievements, public reputation, fatherhood, fathers, and authorities are present.

  • Birth Chart Reading in Miami -Eleventh House

It governs everything that relates to a large group of people. It is associated with your future, hopes, and ideals. Networks, friendships, teams, and collectives.

  • The Twelfth House

This is the zodiacal wheel’s final realm. It builds upon the other houses, associated with endings, your last stages of projects, and surrender.

The astrological houses are a complete wrap of one’s life, from birth to death. If your life does not make sense, you can try understanding astrology readings in Miami. With a good understanding, astrological readings help in predicting the future.